1. W

    Productive vacation activities

    Hey guys, I'm a second year medical student in the UK, currently wondering what I could fill the long vacation (running from June to October) with. Trying to find things that either boost my CV or provide experience I will find useful. I have ambitions of entering surgery (neuro and...
  2. W

    Approximate Residency Start Date?

    Hello everyone! Am considering a vacation after I graduate, but in the event that I obtain a residency, approximately when do they expect residents to start? My anticipated graduation date is approximately 5/8/20. Yes it's a way off, but like I said, trying to plan things just in case. Has...
  3. B

    CVS vacation time new grad pharmacist

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how vacation time gets determined at CVS. I have been with CVS for 5 years as a part-time tech and intern and am graduating in May. I was told my part-time time does not count towards any vacation time. However, I know pharmacists that have started...
  4. F

    Can surgeons take time off?

    Though it's no secret that highly-specialized surgeons make a lot of money, the ones I've talked don't seem to vacation much. What is vacation allowance like for surgeons?
  5. B

    Taking a vacation in the middle of DAT prep?

    Hellooo everyone :) I was originally not going to take the DAT this summer and planned a 5 day vacation (roadtripish) in the middle of june. However, circumstances change and I decided to take the DAT! I will start studying June 1st and plan to take it on the 4th of August. ( Cant take it from...
  6. gjsmize88

    Accepted Students (c/o 2022): What are your summer plans?

    Starting this thread because I enjoyed looking through last year's and I haven't seen one yet for this year.. and I'm super curious to hear what everyone's plans are! My plans for the summer include lots of traveling! I'm fortunate enough to have a sister that plays travel softball and a dad...
  7. Asclepius293

    Cut Summer

    My school just reduced our summer from 12 weeks to 9 weeks in order to start 4th year 3 weeks earlier for more residency application time and earlier elective rotations. Do any current 4th years see a benefit to this? I feel like I’m losing out on a full summer with externship/life experience...
  8. C

    No maternity leave?

    I will be delivering next year, during my final year or residency. A lot of next year will be elective time/not rigorous rotations, so it will be easy to have maternity leave and not need to have to have my co-residents cover me, which is why we picked my last year to have our baby. However, I...
  9. M

    Residency Vacation Time Flexibility

    Hi guys I'm an up and comer med school applicant, but I have a question about residencies that pertains to my brother who is currently in his 3rd year of a DO program. Next summer, he will be matched with an EM residency pending all things go as planned. Unfortunately, I am also planning my own...
  10. NescacPremed

    Good Books to read for Pre-med?

    I'm look for an educational book about science* that interesting to read that is not a textbook. Non-Fiction or fiction. Something that is typically read for leisure and that can help me in some way prepare for the MCAT or high level science classes! * medicine, MCAT related subjects, biology...
  11. PennObie20

    OT: vacation before classes start

    Hello! I've gotten such good advice about schools from here, I thought I'd give a totally separate topic a chance too. I'm looking to take a trip at the end of July before classes start and I've never been to the Caribbean, so I'd like to go there. I'm trying to find a place that has the...
  12. rlin656

    Questions for current/past Walmart Pharmacist (2015)

    Hi, I am currently a P3 student and also currently interning at a Walmart pharmacy. I would like to work for Walmart in the future, but would really like to know certain things about what Walmart offers pharmacist compared to others. Amount of years currently worked at Walmart...