1. LindaAccepted

    Medical When Will Medical Schools Give You an Answer?

    We are often asked: How long does a medical school have to invite an applicant to submit a secondary application? (Go there) How long does a medical school have to respond and either invite the applicant to an interview, or say thanks, but no thanks? (Go there) The fact is that there’s no...
  2. C

    Reactions to "So you want to be a military doctor" video

    Hi all, I've been thinking about going the military path and recently found this video. Not sure how reputable the source is but seems legitimate. Just curious to hear reactions from people with knowledge of military medicine. Thanks, Pete
  3. F

    Best Radiology learning resource for Rad Onc resident

    I am currently a fourth year going into Rad Onc. After speaking with a number of current Rad Onc residents about making the transition into residency, it sounds like the most common advice and useful skill is to learn how to interpret CTs and MRIs now, before I actually start my PGY-2 year. In...
  4. theartofzahn

    OMFS videos on Vumedi

    Mitek Anchor for TMJ Disc Repositioning | VuMedi Open Reduction/Internal Fixation L subcondylar fracture | VuMedi Hey guys just wanted to post these videos on the site to give you a great example of some OMFS videos you can find on Vumedi. I want to challenge any OMFS residents to put together...
  5. P

    Advertisement Now Discount on Dr. Najeeb Lectures Exclusive and Official

    NOW Bringing to You an Exclusive And OFFICIAL Discount Subscribe to one of the world's best Lecture series on Medical Basic Sciences - Provided By Dr. Najeeb. His Lectures will Grant You what is the secret to happiness in Medical Field Being Confident in Your Knowledge To get Your Discount...
  6. E

    looking to create videos/audio lectures. Want topics..

    Hey guys, I am a practicing, ABEM boarded, Emergency physician. I am interested in creating audio and or video lectures on needed med school, board prep, and/or residency topics. I would like suggestions from everyone on what they feel are needed topics to cover. Also, if this is something...
  7. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...
  8. Q

    Question about Chad's Video

    Hi I want to begin studying for the DAT and I heard good things about chad's videos. My question is: are the chad videos everyone keeps talking about only the ones listed under DAT on coursesaver.com that cost $50? Are those videos the only ones that chad makes that everyone means when they say...
  9. V


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  10. V


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