1. G

    Psychological Testing Materials for Sale

    T.O.V.A. (Test of Variables of Attention) v 8 serial # 20822 device with connectors, disk, documentation, (works on windows or mac) and 6 credits $300 PAI-A Professional Manual, 2 item booklets with testing folders with item booklets , 17 answer sheets, 17 profile forms, 25 Critical Items...
  2. Y

    IL MPJE Results Wait Time

    If you recently took IL MPJE via license transfer/reciprocity, how long did it take you to get your results, and how did you receive them? Mail or email?
  3. Y

    Can I Apply Before Professional Transcript Entry is Completed

    My AADSAS app is complete, all I'm waiting for is for the Professional Transcript Entry to be completed. I sent out a request to all the schools I've attended for my transcripts to be sent to AADSAS, and now I'm wondering if I can submit, or if I have to wait for Professional Transcript Entry to...
  4. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  5. D

    Should I apply now before OChem?

    I am contemplating applying this year or waiting until another session. Currently enrolled in self-paced organic chemistry (1 and 2) this summer. Hope to finish it by mid July and take DAT late July. Would I be better off taking more time to study for the DAT and have a later application or...
  6. A

    Just got my MCAT scores

    So, my father was very ill throughout my senior year so I was unable to take my MCAT until August 4. He passed away in July and I took the MCAT one week after because I had no other option. I just received my score and am devastated because I did so bad. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 3.89 science GPA...
  7. K

    Wait for Spring Grades or Nah?

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma. I want my spring grades to count, but I have also heard that applying as early as possible would be extremely advantageous. I am on the quarter system and and will most likely have spring grades come out in late June before I can send out my transcript. I have a...
  8. A

    University of Puget Sound

    Just heard back from Puget Sound ... waitlisted. But they didn't give me a number. Maybe because it'll change so much in the next few weeks? Does anyone know how long the UPS waitlist is so I can know my chances? It was my first choice...