1. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Endure The Long Wait for Medical School Applicants

    After all the hectic measures you’ve taken to get your primary application and secondary applications submitted, there may be a long period of time before you hear back from medical schools. It’s partly due to the time of year – all those fall and winter holidays – and the thousands of...
  2. G

    Psychological Testing Materials for Sale

    T.O.V.A. (Test of Variables of Attention) v 8 serial # 20822 device with connectors, disk, documentation, (works on windows or mac) and 6 credits $300 PAI-A Professional Manual, 2 item booklets with testing folders with item booklets , 17 answer sheets, 17 profile forms, 25 Critical Items...
  3. Y

    IL MPJE Results Wait Time

    If you recently took IL MPJE via license transfer/reciprocity, how long did it take you to get your results, and how did you receive them? Mail or email?
  4. Y

    Can I Apply Before Professional Transcript Entry is Completed

    My AADSAS app is complete, all I'm waiting for is for the Professional Transcript Entry to be completed. I sent out a request to all the schools I've attended for my transcripts to be sent to AADSAS, and now I'm wondering if I can submit, or if I have to wait for Professional Transcript Entry to...
  5. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  6. D

    Should I apply now before OChem?

    I am contemplating applying this year or waiting until another session. Currently enrolled in self-paced organic chemistry (1 and 2) this summer. Hope to finish it by mid July and take DAT late July. Would I be better off taking more time to study for the DAT and have a later application or...
  7. A

    Just got my MCAT scores

    So, my father was very ill throughout my senior year so I was unable to take my MCAT until August 4. He passed away in July and I took the MCAT one week after because I had no other option. I just received my score and am devastated because I did so bad. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 3.89 science GPA...
  8. K

    Wait for Spring Grades or Nah?

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma. I want my spring grades to count, but I have also heard that applying as early as possible would be extremely advantageous. I am on the quarter system and and will most likely have spring grades come out in late June before I can send out my transcript. I have a...
  9. A

    University of Puget Sound

    Just heard back from Puget Sound ... waitlisted. But they didn't give me a number. Maybe because it'll change so much in the next few weeks? Does anyone know how long the UPS waitlist is so I can know my chances? It was my first choice...