1. OnDemond

    SCANDAL in MARYLAND!! No More Decorative Medical Licenses?!

    I just paid $800 for my initial license in the DPRM (Democratic People's Republic of Maryland). Instead of receiving the standard-for-decades, sealed, caligraphic wall license/certificate, I received the same type of license you see in elevators certifying their safety. Really?? For all my...
  2. D

    Does the rapidly growing number of DO grads pose a risk for devaluation?

    The number of DO students is exploding in recent years. * 50,000 practicing physicians in 2002 to a projection of more than 100,000 in 2020. * "Between 1980 and 2005, the number of osteopathic graduates per year increased over 250 percent from about 1,000 to 2,800. This number is expected to...
  3. D

    Least painfully dull volunteering experiences?

    I understand that volunteering isn't supposed to be fun, but most of the ones I've tried have been unbearable. That would be fine if I felt I was making a meaningful impact. What volunteering, both clinical and nonclinical did you found the most enjoyable or least terrible? I'm looking into...
  4. D


    deleted out of embarassment from commentary from /r/premed... apparently it's terrible. reported thread for deletion myself.
  5. D

    when the committee sends us its letters, they're not sending us their best, folks

    My school has an LOR committee. I graduated last summer. Do I have to go through the committee to get the letters of rec from my professors, or can I just ask them on my own? Does it matter if I just ask them independently? (I would prefer not to go through the committee. I didn't bother to...
  6. D

    ...Reference Letters?

    Hi everybody, I have a few questions as somebody who has little idea what he's doing. 1: Are faculty letters mandatory, de-facto mandatory (like volunteering) or icing on the cake? I graduated last August in case it matters. 1A: I'm a bit at a loss for whom to ask. I can get one strong letter...