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    Hi guys, I’ve been accepted at KYCOM and WCU COM and only have a couple days to make a decision. I’m hoping to hear from students at either place who can be honest about the pros and cons based on their experience (especially recently since most threads I’ve read about these schools are pretty...
  2. D

    WesternU vs. West Coast U vs. UOP

    Hello, I have recently been accepted into the DPT program at Western University for the class of 2023. I have 2 weeks to pay my deposit, but wanted to have some time to think about it. I have heard mixed things - i.e. generous and knowledgeable faculty vs. not, nice curriculum vs. run down...
  3. D

    West Coast University Pharmacy Class of 2024

    Hello everyone, I decided to start a thread for the class of 2024 to share interviews and information regarding the program. I had my interview on Friday (10/04/2019), and I still haven't heard back and I am so nervous. Please share your experience if you heard back and when you interviewed etc...
  4. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's West Coast University - 2019 MSOT

    Hi! Has anyone sent in their application for WCU's 2019 Spring MSOT program? If so, have you heard back from them for an interview? Also, I've created this thread for anything that relates to WCU's Spring 2019 MSOT program since I haven't seen one made for it yet.
  5. C

    Where to go for undergrad?

    hi guys this is my first post and idk if I'm posting this right but I'm a senior in high school and I live in Pennsylvania. I got accepted into West Chester University's pre med program with a biochem major and the University of Pittsburgh with a neuroscience major. I'm going to be a...
  6. DPT28806

    Wester Carolina University DPT Class of 2019

    Congratulations to all of us who have been accepted to WCU DPT Class of 2019! It was a long process and somewhat stressful time, but we've made it! So let's start meeting who we'll be spending the next three years with! I haven't found a Facebook Group for our class yet, so maybe those of us on...