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  1. I

    NSU KPCOM (Davie) vs WVSOM

    I have 3 more days (Friday) to decide between the two schools and still can’t decide. I think they’re both good options. Talked to current students from both schools (3 from wvsom, 2 from nsu) and they of course all had good things to say about their respective schools. More about me to...
  2. E

    Which is harder to obtain in-state residency: Vermont or West Virginia ?

    It seems that both states require a 12 month domicile period prior to the semester for which in-state status is sought, but UVM policies also states, "An in-state status applicant who applies for admission or registers for class within one year of first moving to the state shall have created a...
  3. L

    West Virginia University DPT Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I have recently been accepted into and submitted my deposit for the DPT program at WVU. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been accepted and plans on attending. I would love to chat with some future classmates! Hope to hear back from you guys soon :)
  4. L

    West Virginia Schools

    Hey everyone. I haven't seen any threads about WVU or Marshall, so I figured I would start this one... I applied to WVU and Marshall, but haven't heard back from them since I applied in early September... Has anyone heard back from either of these schools? Does anyone know when they start...
  5. B

    JCESOM/Marshall vs WVSOM

    Both in West Virginia about 2-3 hours apart from each other. Marshall Pros -- MD -- Connected to a busy and well functioning hospital -- Undergrad Campus -- Cheaper school -- small class size (around 75) -- lots of research opportunities. (may or may not be interested in) Cons --...
  6. Dr. Aziw Oz

    West Virginia (WVSOM) Discussion Thread 2017-2018

    Hey, guys! Submitted my application on 6/17, verified 6/20. Has anyone in this timeframe received a secondary from WVSOM? I know I was just verified today, but hoping to get an idea on the timeline for secondaries to go out from WVSOM. If you have received one, what were the questions asked...
  7. Toothout

    **Official West Virginia University School of Dentistry Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    This is the West Virginia Thread. Who else applied here?