1. B

    Current WesternU CPM Student

    Hi! I'm a current WesternU 2nd year podiatry student. If anyone has a question about anything, feel free to ask me!
  2. vs_95

    2017-2018 Western U of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Lebanon

    Prompts 1. Have you participated in research? If yes, why was this research experience valuable to you? 2. Do you have teaching experience? If yes, why was this teaching experience valuable to you? 3. While shadowing a physician, what did the experience do to solidify your desire/ambition to...
  3. B

    How to respond to secondary app q

    How do I respond to this question? ( It is required to, part of WesternU secondary): Is there anything in your application that you would like to explain to the Admissions Committee? I wanted to explain a C I received in Ochem, but in a positive light. I also received a C in another science...
  4. A

    Western University MSHS Interview

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to the MSHS program at Western University of Health Sciences. I stated in my personal statement that I did want to pursue in the clinical field later on as a PA, but want the background in health education first. Any thought's on this?
  5. vetstudent25

    Western U CVM c/o 2020

    Hey everyone! Just starting this to connect people who have applied to Western U CVM this year. Applications were due quite a while ago, or so it seems like. Has anyone heard back yet? EDIT: There has already been a Western c/o 2020 forum started. It can be found here...
  6. L

    Western University PHARMACY (Class of 2020)

    Official thread for Western University applicants of the 2015 cycle! Has anyone submitted their supplemental yet? Post if you get any updates/interview invites! Good luck everyone!