1. Master Bone Wizard

    College is giving me a free prep class: KAPLAN or Princeton Review

    Hello, As the title suggests I got lucky and my natsci program is willing to pay for a MCAT prep class. The program offers both KAPLAN in person or Princeton Review ultimate. Which program would be better from someone who relies on good practice questions and practice exams? Initially I am...
  2. nembry

    taken 2 different Physics 1 courses --- can I choose which one counts for AMCAS GPA?

    Last summer, I took Physics 1 algebra-based at UTD and got an A. Unfortunately, I had to retake Physics 1 because I need the Calc-based credit. I am taking it now at UT Austin (calc based) and stand no chance of getting an A. Since either one can count for med school, can I choose the higher...
  3. I

    Whig schools are known?

    I’m applying in June and the only downfall of my application i would say is my GPA. Are there any schools known to look at the application as a whole or any schools that focus more on a higher DAT than GPA?
  4. G

    out of state?

    hi, I am an undergrad student in Alabama. I plan to apply to at least 20 med schools (there are four in AL). I am wondering what would be other good ones to apply to out of state that do not give preference to their in state applicants??? I am open to MD and DO suggestions thanks.
  5. T

    Why do local dentists hire Temple over Penn/NYU due to clinical skills?

    Hello SDN. This is first post of mine and please excuse English as is not first language (Singapore). I have been shadow practice in Pennsylvania and New York for past three months. Five doctors told me that they do not hire Penn or NYU new completed students. Only Temple, but sometimes Pitt or...
  6. GBCrzzyy

    Which school did you choose and why?

    I've applied to 26 DO schools but I'm having trouble trying to differentiate them and figure out which ones I like best so I thought I would ask about the schools that other people are attending. I'd like to know why you chose the school and your favorite and least favorite parts about your...