white coat ceremony

  1. valkirieas

    What is the Dress Code for White Coat?

    I know this is many months away, but since a lot of stores are having juicy end of year/post-xmas sales and I'm a bit picky with clothes...I was wondering if I should take advantage of the sales and get something for the presumably-a-bit-fancier-than-my-interview-suit attire I imagine I will...
  2. GodIsBeautiful

    White Coat Ceremony - Nametag or Engraved Name?

    Hey! I'm just curious; which one do you prefer? A nametag for your white coat, or your name engraved on the coat itself?
  3. BeatsByLobot

    MD Parents who are docs putting on your white coat

    I will be starting medical school in July, and my dad is an alum of the same school. My mom is insisting that I have my dad come to the stage to give me my white coat. I have friends at other schools who's parents are also MDs that came to the white coat ceremony and put the white coat on their...
  4. B

    White Coat Ceremony Clothing (Ladies)

    I was just wondering where any girls got their outfits for white coat/what did you wear. I heard white coat is mostly business casual but wanted to hear some insight (sorry this is a pretty trivial question compared to the rest of the questions posted on this site but I would really appreciate...
  5. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University - White Coat Ceremony

    Just out of curiosity - does Pacific University in Oregon (entry-level OTD program) have a white coat ceremony? I know that some OTD/MS do this
  6. G

    White Coat attire for girls?

    What do most girls wear to the white coat ceremony? Dress? Shirt and skirt? or Shirt and pants?