1 week before MCAT, best way to use remaining time.

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Jan 8, 2011
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So it is 1 week away from the actual MCAT.
What is the best way to utilize the remaining time?
Review contents?
keep practicing?
take more FLs?

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ima take two aamcs to go over and then just go through mcat-review.org.
get familiar with equations for physics
look over ek bio
go over examples for writing sample.
I think the general suggestion is to concentrate on going over your strong areas at this point.

I personally did some more cramming as I didn't previously have enough time to go over my weak spots as well as I wanted.

You probably know from experience how you best study for a test (I always love the last-minute cram :), so I would go with what's tried and true for you.

Good luck!
I would do a last go-over of my weak points, trying to drill the last bits of info into my head and then find a few passages dealing with them. I would also try to take a full length or two, but be VERY CAREFUL about burning out.
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Which section has been your weakest section on your aamc practice tests. If it's BS or PS, I would spend the week concentrating on that section. For example, I got a 7 on PS on a practice test a week before taking the MCAT. I focused on PS, and was able to get it up on the real test.
my test is on Sat (28th)... so I'm planning to stop touching the books starting this Sunday and for the last week I've scheduled to take AAMC 10 and 11, 2 days of break before the test, and only go over the note cards/notes I've left for the end!

I figured reviewing notes and going stuff I left to memorize in the end (e.g. structure of aa, etc.) would be more helpful than doing practice questions/passages... with that said, it was a hard decision since I have TPR workbook and examkracker books sittin on my desk and I didn't even get to TOUCH them!