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Nov 3, 2019
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Battle of the Touros! Very fortunate to have been accepted to both, but also very torn. Some things that are important to me is being able to go into a specialty that I want in a large hospital. Totally undecided right now, but I like Anesthesia, General Surgery, EM and Internal Medicine + fellowship in no particular order. I am from CA. My fam and SO would like me to end up in CA, but I would also be happy in NY

Touro Middletown

  • Liked the Dean and students, so liked the "feel" of it (only met a few though)
  • great 2020 match results in my opinion: Middletown Match Results
  • Fridays off
  • more placements in anesthesia and EM for 2020 (Nevada's 2020 list is not out yet)
  • provide lots of resources to study for comlex and usmle
  • flipped classroom
  • Mandatory clickers
  • rotation sites are OK-ish
  • low comlex 2 PE score (83%)
  • long commute to NYC for my SO (he works in the legal field)
  • less established than nevada

Touro Nevada

  • more established than middletown
  • weather / easy commute for SO
  • no mandatory lectures
  • higher comlex 2 PE (claimed it was recently 93% during my interview)
  • can do all rotations within 40 min of school, and have some bigger training sites
  • dont know if I fit in with the students (minimal interaction here too)
  • idk how I feel about the match list and specialties ...I dont know too much about the names of these hospital sites: - Touro Nevada
  • I have heard parking can be an issue
  • class rank in numbers (I think middletown is in quartiles)
  • didnt love the campus (its a big warehouse)