1. L

    TUNCOM vs WVSOM vs LMU-DCOM vs (EVMS - maybe)

    I really need advice. Please help! I have been blessed to be accepted to three osteopathic schools: LMU-DCOM, WVSOM, and TUNCOM. I am waiting to hear back from LECOM. I did my post-bacc at EVMS and was interviewed by them and am on the "mid-tier" of their waitlist right now. EVMS is my top...
  2. spookyhero22

    Touro Nevada MHS: 2021-2022

    Has anyone gotten accepted for the 2021-2022 cohort and is planning to attend? I got in but I haven't really received any further communications.
  3. Telomeree

    PLEASE HELP: KCU-COM vs Touro Nevada

    Hi folks! Been going back and forth on this for weeks now and I have two days left to decide. Would really appreciate some advice! Side note, I am from CA and I am interested in Internal Medicine and EM Touro NV Pros location/closer to home many placements in CA 3rd year rotations within 40...
  4. Telomeree


    Battle of the Touros! Very fortunate to have been accepted to both, but also very torn. Some things that are important to me is being able to go into a specialty that I want in a large hospital. Totally undecided right now, but I like Anesthesia, General Surgery, EM and Internal Medicine +...
  5. C

    ATSU-SOMA vs NSU-KPCOM vs Touro Nevada

    Hi everyone! I have been grateful enough to be accepted to the following schools. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this decision. I read different forums where people say that NSU should be considered "hands-down" choice while others like Goro have noted to stay away from NSU due to...
  6. PinPointed


    Okay fam, I've been fortunate enough to have a choice for schooling this cycle, so I would love some input from y'all. I'm deciding between KCU-KC, ATSU-SOMA, and TUNCOM. KCU-KC: Pros: - Loved the campus and the vibe from students - The statistics concerning boards and match placement speaks...
  7. C


  8. M

    Roommate 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom in Henderson, NV near TUNCOM

    I'm a female fourth-year DO student at Touro University Nevada who is looking for a roommate for the upcoming year. I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a 2-car garage in a safe, gated community only a few minutes from the school, highways, and shopping centers. Rent is $680/mo. I'm...
  9. S

    TUNCOM Class of 2022

    I think everyone was hoping to find a place for us all to gather now that we know where we're headed so welcome to the place to meet your future classmates!
  10. M

    Is it worth paying 80k more to go to non-pbl school?

    Hello. I've been a long time lurker on sdn, but this is my first thread because I need some advice from someone who has been in a similar situation. I'm trying to decide between going to Touro-NV and Lecom-B. The closest threads I found to my question is the Nova vs Lecom-B thread. My...
  11. CLAF211


    Feeling torn. Currently accepted to both MUCOM and TUNCOM, and have scheduled an interview in 2 weeks at AZCOM. Some important and attractive changes to TUNCOM coming up: the new dean (formerly of KCUMB) seems to be implementing some great new programs: all of 4th year will be electives...
  12. 8

    TUNCOM Medical Health Science Program

    I was wondering if anyone this year has applied to this program and heard back. I have a friend who applied and was wondering how long after completion did you hear back. Also, if any current student is in the program, can you provide more insight? There isn't a lot of information around...
  13. T

    RVU vs. going to other interviews. Just need some advice!

    Hi everybody, So I was accepted to RVUCOM (which is my top choice after interviewing, seeing the campus/students, board scores, etc.) on 1/25 after interviewing on 1/12, but have several other interviews lined up in the coming weeks and would just like some advice. I'm a Utah resident and want...
  14. J

    Help with my decision: NSU, KCU, WesternCOMP, or TUNCOM (pros/cons lists included)

    Hello SDN, I am in the fortunate situation of having interviewed at multiple schools and would like the input of more experienced SDNers to make a decision. So far, I have been accepted at NSU and TUNCOM and am waiting to hear back from KCU and Western. Reason I am posting this now is because...