1. Nicole525nld

    UGA: University of Georgia CVM Class of 2026 Applicants

    Creating this thread for the upcoming UGA CVM application cycle! This will be my third time applying to the program! UGA is my dream school. Has anyone that has been rejected by UGA reached out to talk to Parker about what you need in order to strengthen your application? I have obviously done...
  2. jt1906

    UGA Online Masters of Comparative Biomedical Science 2021

    Hey guys. I don’t know if anybody on here is looking for this but wanted to start a thread for prospective students and admitted students. The program is very new so I figured it would be nice to start a thread to get information out there.
  3. K

    UGA Class of Pharmacy 2024-2025

    Hello fellow students! I’ve decided to start a thread for the University of Georgia-Pharmacy. Whether your entering this fall 2020 or applying for the upcoming cycle, all is welcomed here!
  4. EngrSC

    University of Georgia c/o 2024

    IS applicant, non-trad, first time applying. Who’s in? :nailbiting:
  5. K

    WAMC? (Low GPA)

    (Updating this on my partner's behalf) Colleges I'm Applying To Definitely: UGA (IS), Iowa, Western, Washington State, Glasgow, UCD, Bristol, Edinburgh Probably: Wisconsin, Minnesota Possibly: Louisiana, Colorado, LMU, Midwestern, Tufts, UC Davis, Missouri, Penn, Florida Cumulative GPA: 3.49...
  6. M

    VIRMP Rotating Internship Question

    Hello, I am applying for an academic small animal rotating medicine/surgery internship, as I hope to pursue a residency in the future. I am very interested in going to the University of Georgia (UGA) for this purpose, and until today have felt confident that I have a fighting chance. However...
  7. P

    University of Georgia Pharmacy 2023 (UGA COP)

    So I don’t think there’s a tread for UGA COP for students entering fall of 2019, so comment with your PCAT score, GPA, applicant type, and if you’ve been offered an interview or been accepted yet. My PCAT was a 77, 3.30 GPA, I’m early decision, and I’ve interviewed already.
  8. acc10

    Vet School Visits!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from current vet students. I'm a rising senior undergrad student applying this admissions cycle. I live in New York and am going on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks (July 21-July 29). My dad and I are planning on driving back so we can stop and...
  9. B

    UGA for Post bacc or non-degree seeking for Pre-Vet?

    Hello all, Was hoping that the experienced among you might have some thoughts: I'm a non-trad, zero science undergrad (though a lot in HS) looking to go back to school once I resign from the Army next year to get vet school prereqs and then, of course, go to vet school. I have a bachelors from...
  10. C

    Stuck between two colleges

    I have a 3.85 GPA from Arizona State University, but it’s an online degree - I live in Georgia. Originally wanted to be a PA, but decided to go the MD route or I’d forever regret it. Now I’m deciding between which college to go to. Here are my choices: University of Georgia PROS: highly...
  11. G

    Uncertain on major

    Hey SDN, I was recently admitted into University of Georgia, however I'm torn on what major to decide on for the premed track. I've boiled down my options to either Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and plain old biology; Some factors I would like to consider in this decision is...
  12. S

    UGA vs Mercer Pharm School?

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my undergrad at UGA and, up until a couple weeks ago, UGA was my first choice for pharmacy school. After touring Mercer and talking to some alumni, I am now thinking that Mercer would be a better fit for me. For people currently attending pharmacy school at...
  13. A

    UGA College of Pharmacy (Class of 2022)

    Hey guys! I couldn't find a thread for UGA COP (class of 2022), so here it is! I was wondering what everyone's backgrounds were, where else you're applying, and your status for UGA as of now :)
  14. D


  15. N

    Pre-Med at UCLA or UGA? Opinions please.

    Planning on going Pre-Med and I am a transfer student, entering at a junior standing. Got accepted into University of Georgia Athens under Biology/Pre-Med. Got accepted into UCLA as a Geography Major (Second choice major, not allowed to switch into a life science). According to many people...
  16. R

    Can I become a Georgia resident?

    Hey everyone, I've been researching some medical schools that I could apply to and one that I'm very much interested in is Mercer University as well as UGA. I'm an undergrad at UGA so my question is, and I was hoping that someone on SDN has been in a similar situation, if I rent an off-campus...