1. B


    Hello All, I am an HS Jr and new in this community. Below are my Stats.Can someone suggest if this is strong to apply or go with the traditional route of Undergrad? My GPA seems weak to apply for BS/MD programs. 3.8 GPA Approx 1000 hrs of Research-3yrs 100 hrs of Volunteer work in an Uninsured...
  2. ktquestions

    BS/DDS Program Chances

    Hi! To start out, I'm half African American and Japanese in a small American school in Japan. I'm in the process of looking for BS/DDS programs but I was wondering if I even have a chance to get into one of these programs. Since I would be considered an international student, I understand my...
  3. S

    UMKC BA/MD Major-Related Question

    Hello, I recently got accepted into the BA/MD program at UMKC several weeks ago, and I was wondering if I should select the BLA (liberal arts) or Bio major. I have heard from past students that the majority of them select BLA, even if they meet all the pre-reqs to do a Bio major, although I...
  4. iino

    Deciding between three BS/MD programs (Union/AMC, Cincinnati, TCNJ/NJMS), any advice is appreciated!

    hey everyone, these are the three programs I'm deciding between. lmk what you think is the best option. Union/AMC No MCAT Maintain a 3.5 Receive an MBA along with my B.S. 8 year program Cohort size is roughly 15 mandatory study abroad through National Health Systems program Location is not...
  5. bakerstreetboii

    BSMD Program Applicant Extra Curriculars

    Hello, I’m currently a sophomore in high school aiming for entry into a bsmd program. Would it make me a more interesting and unique applicant and give me a greater chance of admission (not considering stats and other ecs) if I follow my interests and get online certified in ASL (american sign...
  6. R

    MD Bs/md questions

    Hello. I am a rising senior at high school. I am an international student and came to United States in middle school. My English is pretty fluent. I’ve been doing shadowing, laboratory researches, volunteers and many other EC’s at my high school. My gpa is around 4.1 weighted(until junior) and...
  7. T

    My chances at Howard BS/MD

    So I plan on becoming a doctor and it is not likely that my career choice will change. At my high school, you can take more classes in the school year than the other high schools in the area. So much so, that as a junior, I would have taken the same amount of classes as a senior in a nearby high...
  8. C

    BS/MD versus BS/Do

    Hi everyone, I am a little confused and I have to give my deposit down to an undergraduate school soon. I know I want to become a physician, but I am stuck between two places. 1.) University of the Sciences - Cooper Medical School of Rowan University - 8 year program - extremely...
  9. C

    FAU BS/MD Form

  10. S

    Interview Tips For VCU BS/DDS Program?

    I am a high school senior. I recently got an interview for the VCU Guaranteed Dental program. Are the interviews for these programs different than the interviews for dental school? Do you guys have any tips specific to the BS/DDS interview?
  11. H

    7 - Year BSMD vs [5 - year] AKU

    This is for a family member of mine. Assuming they have a BSMD acceptance to a mid-tier 7 yr bs/md program [say, psu/skmc] and an acceptance from AKU [Aga Khan University] in Pakistan, which should they choose? To allow you to make an informed decision and to prevent those saying IMGs are way...
  12. H

    **closed**What class should I take sophomore year HS?

  13. T

    How to get my foot in the door?

    Hello all, my first time posting on here... Recently, I've been admitted to a bs/md program. Although this in itself is an accomplishment, or so they tell me, I was wondering, how could I get my foot into the door for success after all my studies are completed? A lot of people tell me I should...
  14. S

    BS/MD and others: Chance me!

    Hi everyone, I'm a rising senior and I'm beyond terrified about my chances especially after all the CC threads. Please chance me for the following BS-BA/MD programs: Brown's PLME (will be doing ED), Stony Brook Scholars for Medicine, Hofstra 4+4, and Brooklyn College's BA/MD. I'll also be...
  15. NightRunner

    Medical ECs and UConn BS/MD

    Hi SDN I'm a soon-to-be-senior at high school in CT. I've been thinking about applying to UConn's SPiM (BS/MD) program, but I have some questions. First off, the medical ECs. My grades and test scores are great, but I'm stuck on the medical ECs. I know they are pretty much mandatory. I was set...
  16. N

    Overly Informative Situation: Question about Pregnancy in Medical School and Residency

    Disclaimer: I know I'm young, but I know what I want Okay, so...this is decision day, and I'm choosing between an 8-year BS/MD program (whose undergrad is at a little-known liberal arts college), and a prestigious undergrad (which is the only way I can consider another career), and I'm having...
  17. T

    High School Physician Shadowing

    I'm currently a high school sophomore and I am very interested in BS/MD or BA/MD Programs. I have heard that to be competitive for these programs you should have shadowed a doctor during high school, and unfortunately I do not have connections to physicians through family. I was wondering what...
  18. PB&Jam

    Mentioning a BS/MD Program When Applying Elsewhere

    My senior year of high school, I applied to my state school's Combined BS/MD program and was accepted. We are allowed to apply out without penalty, and I plan on doing so this upcoming cycle. My initial inclination would be to mention it on a resume or application, as it is a very competitive...
  19. A

    Requirements for BS/MD 6-8 year programs (out of high school)?

    Hey guys! I currently am a junior in high school and have wanted to go into the medical field since I was in grade school (orthopaedic surgery). I have around a 3.95 unweighted gpa (going up due to senior year) and a 4.38 gpa this year so far (weighted). I am taking and have taken multiple AP...
  20. G

    BS/MD underrepresented minority question?

    I'm applying to a BS/MD program in Colorado and one of the essays asks me to describe how I might be an underrepresented minority. "From ethnic groups who are currently underrepresented in the medical community in Colorado, including Black or African American Hispanic/Latino Native...
  21. S

    Do I have a chance at any BS/MD Programs? If not , what undergrad schools should I apply for?

    High School: Middlesex County Academy of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (9th best school in NJ, 4th best STEM School in US) Asian (Indian) Female from NJ GPA: 3.82/4.00 (Unweighted) , 4.82/4.00 (Weighted) SAT: 2340 (800/800 Writing, 740/800 Math, 800/800 Reading) - single...