2.99 sGPA - am I okay?


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Jun 17, 2020
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    I used the template provided by PTCAS to calculate my potential science GPA and I found I’m just shy of a 3.0. However I haven’t taken chem yet and I am taking it this sem. If I get an A or B I’ll hit the 3.0 benchmark. I failed anatomy & phys 2 which really hurt my gpa. I retook it and got a C+. It was anatomy and physiology combined. Anatomy section was taken as a lab in which I got a B+ in. I only retook lecture - which was the physiology part.
    I can probably retake anatomy lab 1 which I got a C in over the winter if offered to try to get an A. This lab was the one based on bones and muscles. Anatomy lab 2 was more internal systems. I also took Functional anatomy in which I also got a B+
    However, applications will have already been turned in by the end of the sem. There are also some pre-reqs that I haven’t finished yet (chem, med terms, genetics) but I know I can still apply as long as I have a certain amount of pre-reqs already completed. Is my unfinished gpa still applicable?

    edit: I had a long talk with my boyfriend and we decided that the safest and most conservative route is to take a year off. During this year I'll work to save some money to cover potential education/living costs and dedicate my remaining time to studying for the GRE and expanding my experiences. This also solves the issue of my sGPA barely meeting the cutoff since I will have finished up my remaining courses. So, if anyone had followed this path, please tell me what was like/how it went for you! I love and appreciate the insight. Thank you!
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    Jul 14, 2017
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      When I applied a few years ago my science GPA was just above 3.0. In light of this, I searched for and applied to schools that had lower GPA requirements so I wouldn’t be such an outlier on paper. I would encourage you to do the same if you are serious about this application cycle.
      From speaking with the head of my program about accepting new students a couple years back, I remember him saying “we want a whole person not just a big brain.” That being said, while schools do care about sGPA there are other things that can really stand out in an application (like observation hours and settings, extracurriculars, essay, GRE scores, etc.). Spend time really fleshing out these areas of your application to make yourself seem more appealing to schools.

      Personally.. with my underwhelming sGPA I was hesitant to even apply. I received an interview to the first school I applied to and during that interview I was able to express what made me a good applicant, regardless of my sGPA.

      So do your best to finish strong and don’t sell yourself short, GPA isn’t everything and if you’re a good candidate a school will give you a chance to show that.
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