Mar 25, 2010
Medical Student
3 weeks from today, ill be getting up from a very long sleep, heading to get a massage and who knows what else... However, I have been busting my butt for the past cpl months and have done pretty much all of it. Kaplan, First Aid, U-rx, Uworld, and now kaplan.. :scared: haha..

Anyways, alot of test takers say they memorized the first aid about 10 days before. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do that. How many hours a day did you sit and memorize it, and the rest of the day, how many questions were you doing, and etc.. More importantly, whats the best way to memorize this bad boy within a cpl weeks. I have a VERY good grasp on most of it.. And in the past id sit there and read a page, then write out the entire page from memory.. That takes a while, and I really need to keep hitting questions hard.. So if anyone has a more efficient way of memorizing, that would be great..

Any additional last minute pointers will be greatly appreciated..