2019-2020 Sackler School of Medicine

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Thanks for adding your input, this really helps potential students:) I think everyone would agree that going abroad shouldn't be anyone's first choice but would you overall recommend Sackler to us, potential new students?
Also, how is the social scene in terms of making friends with classmates, EC's, events/parties, clubs etc?

Thank you in advance!!

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Also hopping on to this thread since I received an II for Sackler.

I am very curious about the effect of the Match now being P/F. Wouldn't this put more of an emphasis on Step 2?

Also if anyone could comment on M4 electives/subinternships?

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I tried to present facts and details, and convey the class feeling. I aim to provide a realistic picture so new students have a clear understanding of what to expect.

With very few exceptions, the vast majority of each graduating class has highly negative views on school and management. Even more than me. To represent the school differently would not be honest.

News to me.

This is true. A big part of the bonding is based on a shared disgust toward the administration.


hahaha!!! You're funny!

True. You absolutely can succeed here. Most students match, though 20% need an extra year or two. A few dont.

Yes, totally agree. Talk to upperclassmen, not premeds.
@Drwhip What would be the best way to connect with upperclassmen? Is there a group chat?