2020-2021 Columbia MS IHN Acceptance!

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Dec 30, 2020
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Not sure if a thread for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle for Columbia's MS in Human Nutrition (IHN) existed but just wanted to share my news/thoughts!

Completed/submitted my application 2-3 weeks ago and got an acceptance last week! Got a congratulatory phone call in the morning and an official acceptance email at 5PM!

My goal is medical school and I wanted to see how this program would help me. I graduated in a super-hard engineering school; majored in BME with a 3.5 and MCAT score first time of 508 but I'm retaking it in May and aim for 515+ (btw how is a 508 for the first time?). I don't mind DOs though I prefer MDs, and I'm planning on applying this year and ED'ing somewhere. I expect my MCAT to go up (anticipate 511-515 the second time does that sound realistic?) and I want to increase the odds of me getting in since my GPA is a bit low.

I know this program isn't a true SMP so it might not be the best choice for my purpose, and I know that even though Columbia is a good name the name isn't as important as the content of the program. But, the facts that 1) the courseload is somewhat relevant to medicine and biology 2) there's a research requirement and 3) it's in the medical college campus do seem attractive, so it would be a good plan of action for me to somewhat compensate for my grades? My pre-req grades are good (mostly A- and As) but it was just the physics courses that got me since I was also a physics minor. Got As in almost all of my advanced bio courses (like molecular biology, pathophysiology, public health). Recommendations are good, 6 months of wet-lab research experience, a lot of clinical experiences and scribing, long and extensive and consistent volunteer experience as a tutor for poor-background students and I have a decent personal statement. Also got in to Johns Hopkins post-bacc intensive and Georgetown SMP. Would love your advice and to hear more about the Columbia IHN program relative to medical schools admissions!

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