1. Ho Ki Lee


    Hello everyone. Been browsing the threads for a while. I am currently active-duty military and planning to pursue a Post-Bacc program within a couple of years. My GPA is a 4.0 (humanities major) from a major public university and I have a solid reason for pursuing medicine, especially with...
  2. johnsonthehopeful

    Summer class on top of 32 hours of post-bacc?

    Hey y'all. So I'm a super-nontrad and reapplicant who recently completed 32 hours of DIY post-baccalaureate coursework. Only a handful were upper-division courses (biochem, micro, med micro, physics, genetics) due to the lack of availability of courses that didn't interfere with my work...
  3. Future Dr. Juice

    Thomas Jefferson P4 2022-2023

    Hello, Has anyone received an interview invite/acceptance from the Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4) at Thomas Jefferson? I received an invite Friday 12/17 and I signed up on the website they gave me to schedule an interview. They provided two online dates for 12/20 and 12/21...
  4. F

    Post-Bac 2022-2023 Admissions

    Hey everyone! I have yet to see a thread for those of us looking to be admitted into career-changer post-bac programs in 2022-2023 so I thought I'd go ahead and post this! Please feel free to drop any questions and advice here :) Good luck to all of my fellow prospective students!!!
  5. jyy3gx

    Post bacc programs for "In-betweeners"?

    Hello I am an "ex-premed" who did premed and computer engineering until my 2nd year and now after graduating want to go back and prepare for med school. After some days of research, I have found out that most schools only have career-changers or career-enhancers programs, and I couldn't find...
  6. T

    2020-2021 Columbia MS IHN Acceptance!

    Hi! Not sure if a thread for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle for Columbia's MS in Human Nutrition (IHN) existed but just wanted to share my news/thoughts! Completed/submitted my application 2-3 weeks ago and got an acceptance last week! Got a congratulatory phone call in the morning and an...
  7. A

    Post-bacc Application Advice (non-traditional student)

    Hi, I've been a long time reader of these forums but this is my first time posting. After spending a long time debating whether to make a complete mid-life career change, I've decided to make the first step towards going to med-school, but as a non-traditional student I need to first get into a...
  8. G

    Loyola Chicago Post-Bacc May 2021

    Hello, I'm a 27 year old career changer stating my post-bacc at Loyola University Chicago this May. I'd love to connect with any other incoming students.
  9. alexl123

    Retaking classes in post-bacc

    I am in post-bacc at CSUEB and I am almost finished but my advisor recommended I take some more chemistry classes before I graduate. She recommended Biochemistry II so I registered but after our first day of class I realized its very similar to a class I took in undergraduate that was on...
  10. SeifersLilSisL8

    SIU MEDPREP 2020

    Since no one has posted about this program yet this year; I guess I will. I wanted to create a safe space for people who are applying to this program to talk about where they are in the process. Personally, I applied cycle 1 and I received an interview. The interview was on Friday, Nov. 22nd...
  11. S

    Advice for senior year applications to post-bacc programs vs. gap year then apply

    Hi all, I'm a current junior and had a recent change of heart about careers and want to become a physician (or give it a good shot at least). I have taken Chem 1 + lab, Chem 2, and Biology 1 + lab. I won't have time to complete the rest of the pre reqs my senior year as I have to take classes...
  12. B

    Post Bacc thoughts

    Hello everybody, I am currently a junior in undergrad that is looking to go to a post-bacc then med-school for psychiatry. My stem advisor told me to go to a career-change post-bacc since I decided late on med-school. I worry that my stats won’t suffice to a post bacc program as I did not...
  13. AlexisT

    Marquette University Post-Bacc BMPD 2019-2020

    Hey! Starting this thread since there isn’t one yet.
  14. AlexisT

    Creighton Post-bacc 2019-2020

    Starting this thread since there isn’t one yet.
  15. W

    How should I start preparing for a Post-Bacc?

    I am currently studying architecture and will graduate in a year and half. I will likely finish with a 3.5 GPA and I have only taken a few science classes (Biology, Physics, and Chem 1). I have decided I want to pursue medicine and that a post-bacc after I graduate is my best option. I would...
  16. O

    Difficult decision on when to apply!

    I'm a male URM (African-American) currently about to finish a DIY post-bacc in Texas this coming Spring. I'm going to be using Texas's Academic Fresh Start (AFS) to increase my GPA before applying for all Texas MD medical schools. I've been doing this DIY program for exactly 2 years now and...
  17. S

    non traditional situation- looking for some advice

    I am in a little bit of a unique situation, so I was hoping to get some advice from anyone that might have some insight! About me; I just completed a post bacc from an ivy league school (im not sure how relevant that is, but for the sake of disclosure). My undergrad GPA is 3.7 (UCLA)...
  18. C

    MD & DO Getting nervous.. Should I apply OOS? TMDSAS Non-trad - 3.18 cGPA. 4.0 post-bac. 509 MCAT. Good ECs

    I've tried to figure out what chances I have for in-state, but I'm having trouble calculating what my odds are, given my significant post-bacc work, leadership experience, and job history. Anyone have any ideas how a solid year and a half of 4.0 post-bacc influences things like lizzyM and WARS...
  19. M

    Columbia Post-bacc? Do I have a chance?

    Hi all, I am interested in Columbia’s post-bacc program due to their multiple linkage programs. However, my undergrad GPA is low and I am obviously worried that I’ll immediately be weeded out because of this. I graduated from a top 20 public university (full tuition scholarship) with a 3.13...
  20. E

    Is immunology/ virology offered at UT Dallas?

    If anyone is currently attending/ attended UTD, do you know if they offer the classes Immunology or Virology? I can't seem to find it in their catalog. Thank you!
  21. U

    SIU MEDPREP 2019

    Hey future MEDPREP class of 2021. Rising SIU SOM MS2 here that just finished up in Carbondale and currently struggling to pack for Springfield, IL. If it was not for this program I would not be 1) in medical school or 2) successful in medical school. This program is absolutely amazing and I am...
  22. stardocscream

    Taking UC Berkeley Extension Genetics - Any way to study for the final well?

    Hello. I'm currently taking the UC Berkeley Extension Genetics course under Professor Placyk. I'll be getting ready to take my final soon...and I'm frankly a bit lost. As you guys know, genetics is a very large subject and I'm frankly feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since you have to...
  23. C

    Fulfilling pre-reqs before post bac program?

    I am currently finishing my 4th year at my research University. I am in the process of applying to post-bac programs and realized most of the academic enhancer programs require that all the necessary pre reqs be completed prior to applying. Having been seeking a different health career before, I...
  24. stardocscream

    Thinking about trying Scripps Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program - Chances?

    Hello! I've been looking at options and I'm interested in doing the Scripps College Post-Bac Pre-Med Program. I'm aware that this isn't the kind of program for my situation (already have taken a good number of pre-reqs, though I need a lot more upper-divisions), but it is one of the closest to...
  25. 1

    Brown University Post-Bacc

    Hello! I was recently extended an interview invitation to Brown University's post-baccalaureate, Certificate in Medical Sciences program. I'm deciding whether to go in-person to the interview or to schedule a Skype interview since I live in California. Does anyone here know if there is any type...
  26. BobertSaget

    Advice: Should I Stay or Should I Go (nah nah nah)

  27. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Here are my stats - GPA: 3.72, MCAT: 512, lots of research and extracurriculars Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets...
  28. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  29. uhds

    Colorado Post-Bac

    Heya everyone! Has anyone heard from Colorado's post-bac program?
  30. Dr. Ozymandias

    Post Bacs are not pro-URM. Thoughts?

    Besides SIU's MedPrep and the UC-Consortium which are for academic enhancers and not career-changers, it seems post-bac programs are not URM-friendly, which is interesting considering the whole point of post-bac programs is to help get people into medical school. My reasoning: 1) Post-bacs are...
  31. N

    Post-Baccalaureate Program at William Paterson University

    Hi all, I'm new here. I have scoured the boards for feedback regarding the program at WPUNJ, and haven't found any thus far, so I figured I'd start a new thread. Has anyone here attended WPUNJ's post-bacc program? If so, would you please provide your feedback? Was it successful for you...
  32. wolfnscale

    How to prevent running out of steam? (PostBaccs/NonTrads)

    Howdy SDN! Here's a question for my fellow non-traditional pre-meds: how do we NOT run out of steam? I'm a non-trad. I have a BS, an MS, and I'm currently in a Post-Bacc program. Each of these programs I've done back to back, without summers or breaks (my longest break was my first winter...
  33. M

    Tired of wasting time.. what would you do? Help please**

    Hey everyone, I need some legit reality check/advice from you guys. I am currently a post-grad who graduated last year from college and has been working full time at a non-dental related job to save up some money. After realizing that I truly want to pursue a career in dentistry, I am going to...
  34. U

    SIU MEDPREP 2018

    Welcome potential MEDPREPers. I made this forum for the Summer 2018 entering class. Soon-to-be SIU SOM M1 here that finished MEDPREP this past May. Overall, this is an AMAZING program and I along with other current MEDPREPers are here to answer as many questions as I can pertaining to the...
  35. M

    Northwestern Post-Bacc Program

    Hi! So I was recently accepted in Northwestern's post-bacc pre-med program and I plan to start taking general chemistry courses this summer quarter. After talking to my academic advisor, I cannot make up my mind about whether or not I should do the 12-month program or the 15-month program. I...
  36. D

    Meredith College Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program 2017-2018 Cohort

    Hello, I recently confirmed my spot for the 2017-2018 cohort of the Meredith Post-Bac program. In addition to providing a thread where similarly accepted students can discuss coursework, scheduling, and other details of the program, I would like to ask everyone's opinion on this post-bac...
  37. D

    California Northstate University Post-Baccalaureate Program 2017-2018 Cohort

    Hello! I recently got accepted to California Northstate University's Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate program as well as Meredith College's Pre-Health Post-Bac and would like to know everyone's opinion on these two programs in comparison to others. Although there are many positive comments about...
  38. Sgeramy

    5 year undergrad with a gap year?

    I am a Canadian Student who just finished his 4th year, I am taking a 5th year to finish required courses and to do an undergraduate thesis. i should graduate with a 3.3-3.4 GPA, I have not taken the MCAT yet, however i want to take a gap year to study for it in conjunction to getting more...
  39. E

    WAMC: Goucher, Bryn Mawr

  40. U

    Need help deciding Post-Bacc or Masters