Jan 30, 2016
22 year old female, Illinois resident
Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago
Year in School: Graduated May 2016
My science GPA is probably a bit lower than my cumulative GPA. I did receive a C in first semester organic chem my sophomore year, but since then I have gotten straight As in all my biology courses and a handful of Bs at most.
Major: Molecular Biology
Minor: Anthropology
LOR: I asked three professors that I had for multiple classes. I was deeply interested in their subjects and excelled in the classes, so I imagine they'll be pretty good letters. Two were bio professors and one was anthro. My supervisor for a health outreach position also wrote me one.
Week medical service trip to Panama
Medical outreach for 6 months with refugee organization- monthly presentations on common health issues
Year as a biology tutor for another refugee organization- twice a week for 2 hours each
6 months as refugee family mentor- house visits twice a week- 3 hours each
Research/field work with Paleopathology professor- examined skeletal collection at Field Museum in Chicago for 3 months and catalogues pathologies- twice a week for 4 hours
I didn't complete undergraduate research, but I am using my year before medical school to examine another skeletal collection for pathological evidence of scurvy and try to connect it to formula use.

I am extremely interested in the meeting of culture and medicine, so I have spent most of my college career engaging with people from different cultures and studying how cultural informs health status. I emphasized this in my personal statement and my secondary essays. I shadowed physicians twice at hospitals in Chicago and also shadowed a physician during my week in Panama.

I have completed apps for:
Mount Sinai
Case Western and
My reaches:
UMich Northwestern

I really would like to go to a Chicago school. What are my chances at Rush, Loyola, and UIC for interviews and acceptance? Does list seem balanced? Thoughts on the reaches?
I also have secondaries for Rosalind Franklin, the 3 Philly schools, Pitt, Georgetown, and George Washington. I honestly don't really have any strong pull to any of these schools but I was wondering of the seven which would be the best two or three to send secondaries to in the next week. Money is tight so doing all of them is not a possibility really.
Jan 30, 2016
Also forgot to add that I worked on average 10-15 hours a week at both a work study job and other outside jobs throughout college.


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Sep 15, 2012
Attending Physician
Your best chances will be at Rush, Loyola, UIC and Rosalind Franklin. You could add Medical College Wisconsin, Creighton and Oakland Beaumont if you want to stay in the Midwest. The 3 Philly schools, Georgetown and GW are reasonable.


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May 5, 2015
CWRU and Sinai fall in the reach category especially wth light research exp

Out of the achools you are considering filling out a secondary for Jefferson and RFU are the ones I would give priority to

You have about a half dozen schools you can go in saying you have a reasonable shot at getting a II. In Illinois it'd probably help to get that number higher. Both WI schools Oakland and IU are a few I'd consider adding