3.92 cGPA, 3.92 sGPA, unbalanced 521 MCAT (132/130/132/127) School Selection Advice (MD/PhD)

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Jul 6, 2020
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I agree your non-clinical volunteering is very tutoring/teaching heavy, and I'd be more impressed with something where you really are immersed in the problems of those in vulnerable populations. Clinical experience is okay. For MSTP, you have to know your research and why doing research is critical to your vision as a health care provider. Know what clinical/translational medicine is, which you should already given your accomplishments to date.
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You seem like a rock solid candidate; I have a few MSTP buddies and their numbers were definitely lower than yours and they go to T20’s. However, they had insane research profiles and from I gather, it’s the research that makes or breaks an application in the MSTP world; no surprise there. And from what they told me, the clinical and non-clinal volunteering activities aren’t as critical as compared to the regular MD pool; that could be school specific though

I suspect you’ll have a successful cycle.
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