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  1. lialalala

    how do I tell if medical school is more research-focused or primary care-focused?

    At the moment, I am more interested in working in a hospital and interacting with patients than doing research. Is there a way I can tell whether the medical school is more focused on research or on primary care? On MSAR, if it says research is required for graduation, should I consider it as a...
  2. PalliativeDocHopes

    MOVED Question:Non-traditional Student and School List/Ethos Fit

    Moved question based on Bonne Nuit's advice to WAMC How should non-traditional applicants have gone about creating a school list? As much as we don't want to believe that admission committees can be ageist, some schools have taken less than 2 students over the age of 30 consistently per MSAR...
  3. The Kube of Kubes

    Editing my school list

    I just found out today that I’ll need to establish residency in Idaho, but I’m not too excited about this because where I lived before had a state school that gives 80% of the seats to in state applicants. Are there any dental schools that give priority to Idaho residents? I’m trying to make a...
  4. T

    Business Major Pre-Med considering Post-Bacc

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 4th year business major (finance concentration) at a large public school. I am completing premedical requirements as well. So, the reality of the situation is that the administration at my University isn't allowing me to take physics next year, and I also want to...
  5. C

    WAMC- School List Help (URM, 3.5, 508)

    Hello, I am working on building my school list and was hoping I can receive some help. I am not too familiar with SDN, so I apologize if this is not in the correct format, etc. My undergrad institution requires a LOR from a DO we have shadowed/worked with in order to apply to DO schools. My...
  6. BaDing

    School List Advice (MD and DO)

    Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback on my list of schools. I haven’t used SDN before and after reading some I’m now getting a little nervous. Ill give some of my stats in case it matters, but I’m primarily interested in the schools, their reputation, any red flag schools, things like...
  7. J

    WAMC & School List Critique (3.76 cGPA/3.72 sGPA/511 MCAT)

    I wanted to get opinions on the school list I am working to slim down for applying to in 2021 and potentially get some suggestions on ones I may have overlooked. To add more context to my stats, I have 2000+ hours of clinical volunteering, 3 semesters of research, a few hundred hours of...
  8. F

    Need HELP Finalizing List of Schools

    Hello everyone, I am planning to apply this upcoming cycle. Please help me finalize the list of schools I should apply to. These are my stats: [oGPA 3.835] [sGPA ~3.75] [DAT: AA 23, TS 21, PAT 23]. I also don't have any experience in research. This is the list of schools I have so far. Is...
  9. R

    Multiple Fs / Left for a semester on Academic Probation / Reinvented myself in postgrad

    Hey everyone. This is my first time posting. I'm trying to make a school list to apply next cycle, but I'm having trouble coming up with schools given my lackluster undergrad gpa and history of bad academic performance. Here is an outline of my application: Basic Info: Undergrad: Cornell...
  10. A

    Need Help Developing School List 516 MCAT, 3.7 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA

    Trying to create a list of schools to apply to. Academics: BS Healthcare Administration: cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.3 MPH: 3.92 GPA Strong upward trend in undergraduate studies MCAT: 1st attempt- July 2017: 498 (123, 126, 124, 125) 2nd attempt- June 2019: 516 (128, 128, 128, 132) Extracurriculars...
  11. I

    3.55sGPA 3.60 GPA 515 MCAT improve school list?

    Hello! I am an asian CA resident currently applying! Mcat 515: 130/128/129/128 GPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.55 Undergrad research: 1204 hours no pubs Undergrad Student Instructor: 1 semester Post grad research: 750 hours with 1 pub submitted June Work study Vet assistant 12-14 hours per week for 2.5...
  12. B

    Please critique my school list along with my chances

    Hi, everyone. I am applying to med school this summer and I've already submitted my primary. It has been verified already thankfully but I am still working on my school list a little bit. I have submitted 12 schools so far. I am still deciding on the last 8. My goal is to create a balanced list...
  13. D

    School List Help! 3.9/~517 MCAT -- Non-trad

  14. C

    How's my school list?

    Hi there! I currently attend an Ivy League school in New York state. I have a 3.87 GPA, 518 MCAT and 74.7 LizzyM score 100 hrs of clinical shadowing where I shadowed obstetricians, RNs, NPs, and attended morning round meetings 3000 hrs of research during undergrad 4 publications as co-author...
  15. babykarat

    MD/PhD WAMC + School List Advice

    deleted for privacy
  16. M

    MD Help with school list! 523 MCAT cGPA 3.78; sGPA 3.72

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to put my school list together. I feel like my MCAT and GPA don't exactly match so I'm trying to figure out if it is realistic for me to get into these top tier schools and I want to make sure my list isn't too top heavy. I'm also worried because there are some schools...
  17. I

    Med Application School list

    Hello! I am trying to put together a list of med schools to send in applications and am hoping for some advice. I am a California resident and graduated UC Berkeley. My stats: cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.62 MCAT: 515 (130/129/128/128) 150+ hours of non-clinical volunteering (food distributions for low...
  18. cCypheN

    Help with School List for 2020 Cycle

    Hey guys, I applied this cycle, but only to my resident state MD and DO programs in Arizona. I havent heard back from the MD programs and do not expect to. I was waitlisted for II at AZCOM and rejected at ATSU-SOMA. I am now preparing for a re-app. Also I applied late. I had all of my...
  19. N

    Request: List of US Medical Schools Without Pre Requisites

    Hello, A while ago, someone posted a list of U.S.medical schools that don't have pre requisites. I haven't been able to find it. Any chance someone has it? Please and thank you.
  20. A

    Safety, reach, and match schools? WAMC?

    Hey guys, Wondering if I made a good school list. Are there schools I should add? Schools I should take off? Thanks in advance! Albany Medical Colelge Central Michigan Chicago Medical School Cooper Rowan Dartmouth Drexel Florida State George Washington Indiana Medical College of Georgia...
  21. F

    MD & DO School list help/ WAMC MD v DO. 511/ 3.46 cGPA, Lots of experience

    I graduated with a BS in 2016. My undergrad institution is a top 35, jesuit university. I was a Biochemistry major, Economics minor, and a member of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program. My cGPA and sGPA havent been calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS yet but I think my cGPA is ~3.46 and my sGPA is...
  22. C

    Your thoughts? Third Cycle - Canadian Applicant, 3.96/514

    Hello everyone, Here I am applying for the third cycle! Purpose of post: I really want this to be my last cycle. Not sure of any specific questions, but please inform me of your impressions/concerns. What I learned from the first cycle: I made a poor list (MSAR showed internationals mostly got...
  23. jordij94

    MD School List Help pls!

  24. M

    School list help

    Hi I have already applied to all my state schools and I believe I have the stats to atleast get an interview into one of them. Can someone tell me if these OOS schools are worth applying based on my stats: MCAT- 515 GPA - 3.99 sGPA-3.99 -baylor -ucsd -ucsf -emory -uconn
  25. B

    MD 517 MCAT, 3.22 cGPA, 3.20 sGPA

    Appreciate all help in creating a list to apply to! Thanks in advance! I am a year out of college now, and am excited to apply and make my dream become a reality! I have really pitched my goal as working to advance the standard of care in my primary application, as this has been the work of...
  26. A

    DENTPIN Question

    Hello, This is a random question. I signed up for a date to take the DATs before I had all of the information. I thought I had a set list of dental schools I wanted to apply to and I did not realize that when registering for your exam that you could leave all of the dental school boxes...
  27. D


  28. S

    Reapplicant: Chances for MD and DO

  29. M

    MCAT 506 GPA 3.66

    Hey, So I'm American but studied at a Canadian college with scores of: MCAT: 506 GPA: 3.66 Anatomy major 1 year clinical volunteering Also a First Responder on Campus Emergency team Part of a cultural club for the past 3 years Working on a research in the upcoming year Do i have a chance of...
  30. D

    Mind adding on to my school list?

  31. 9

    Help with school list.

  32. D

    Help: URM 500 MCAT 3.2cgpa 3.1 sgpa

  33. F

    3.7/517 - WAMC?

    6. member of an honor society and medical student club 6. plenty of undergrad posters at undergraduate and graduate level, won an award out of 100+ posters, an abstract or two published, no papers 7. about 50 hours hospital volunteering as of application (should I think it terms of hours...
  34. N

    What Should My School List Be?

    What is everyone's school list like?
  35. R


  36. 6

    Any schools with strong public health programs?

    thank you!
  37. future_nostalgia

    Chances for Next Cycle?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a Junior and I'm planning on submitting my application as soon as it opens for the next cycle but just wanted to get an idea of my chances at the schools I have listed/get some suggestions of other schools to apply to! I'm a FL resident, but I'm currently a student at...
  38. N

    Help Building A List of Schools

  39. freedoctor17

    What is your DREAM medical school and why?

    Hey SDNers, there are a few other old threads like this and I wanted to start a more recent one. So what is your dream med school (or maybe top 3 if you don't have a specific one in mind) and more importantly why? edit: removed portion referring to myself... quickly realized basing my own list...