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Jan 8, 2013
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First year med student here. I missed out on the 4-year HPSP due to delays in the waiver process. But my recruiter encouraged me to apply for the 3-year. I have settled down into med school and still feel that I want to pursue MilMed even though I’m well aware that the 3-year is a less than ideal financial decision in most cases.

Anyways, do any of you here have any experience with the 3-year timeline? I’m trying to get a sense of how quickly the 3-year spots fill up. At this point are most of them taken up by 4-year applicant carryovers, or do I realistically have time to restart my application and get the ball rolling? It’ll take some time to get everything together so I’m worried that by the time we submit, there will be no 3-year spots left. I really have no sense of how many 3-year scholarships there are compared to the 4-year (which had spots up until near the end of the cycle). FYI—applying to Navy. Thanks in advance.
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