3rd year DO student, had a surgery with complications, messed up schedule, chan


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Feb 4, 2011
  1. Medical Student
    So I ruptured my Achilles playing football in late October, since then I've contracted an infection and have spent a few days inpatient receiving IV Abx. So from these complications etc, my schedule has been wrecked and now I'll only have 2 audition rotation months.
    I'm a pretty competitive applicant (I think, everyone seems to be getting higher and higher scores, 634 comlex, top 15% of class, little research, ex-teacher) strong desire (not deal breaker) to stay in NorthEast
    Thoughts on chances with matching....should I do four 2 week rotations? Pick my favorite, do that for the full month and split my two others? Etc...
    Any responses on matching chances with rotation strategy would be much appreciated!!! Even better with testimonials of people who went through surgeries/had to take time off would be great too!
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