1. A

    MCAT Books for sale!! Exam krackers, Princeton Review, AAMC guides

    1. Princeton Review Complete MCAT 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 2. Princeton Review MCAT Biology and Biochemistry Review 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 3. Princeton Review MCAT Biochemistry Review (very good condition)= $15 (plus shipping) 4. Princeton Review MCAT CARS...
  2. J

    Selling MCAT Prep Books (EK, Kaplan, The Berkley Review)

    Hi Everyone! I'm selling the following books (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE), message me if you'd like some pictures :) ExamKrackers 10th Edition BOOK SET (NEW, no highlights/writing): $150 including shipping The Berkley Review Printed 2017 (NEW, no highlights/writing): $140 +shipping Organic...
  3. D

    For Sale Selling Lots of MCAT Books (EK, Berkley Review, and TPR)

    Hi everyone, I took the MCAT earlier this year. Grateful that I did well on the MCAT and never have to open these books again. But, looking at these books on my desk still gives me PTSD, so I'm selling them lol. I didn't do majority of the practice questions in the books so lots of...
  4. S

    Selling the MCAT Exam Krackers books (10th edition)

    Hi! I am selling the entire brand new set of EK books (10th edition). My friend bought the entire set for me, but I already have the whole set. The original price is $275, and I’m selling it for $220. I can give you a $50 discount but that is the max amount I can offer. If you are interested in...
  5. futureneuromaniac

    For Sale 10th Ed. Examkrackers Complete Study Set

    Hey, guys! I'm selling the Examkrackers 10th Ed. MCAT Complete Study Package for $165 total or best offer. I will pay for shipping. The set is in almost like new condition. (There is no writing in any of the books and the only highlighting is on a few pages of the CARS book.) The books include...
  6. SOAPsucks222

    changing my gameplan for MCAT BIO - need advice!!

    So last night i took a next-step half length diagnostic MCAT exam, and my bio results were awful, i got a 123. I struggled a lot during the bio portion of the exam, and i knew my score was going to be bad. this is concerning because i've done some content review. i'm about 100 pages into the...
  7. beginningmcatprep1234

    Examkrackers 8th Edition?

    Hi, everyone! I've been using Nymeria's MCAT study plan, and I have a quick question: Is it okay to use the 8th edition of Examkrackers for biology? I've been using the 8th edition and just realized it was pre-2015. I'm using Berkeley Review and Kaplan for most of the other sections, but I'm...
  8. vikhloe


    101 Passages: Biology I&II Physics Brand new. No marks or hightlighting or notes whatsoever. $40 each book. Message me if you are interested!
  9. student-of-life

    Selling Kaplan and Examkrackers MCAT Book Sets

    I'm selling my 2018 - 2019 Kaplan set (good condition) and the most recent 10th Edition Examkrackers set (like new). From the research I did, these are the two best book review sets on the market. Kaplan new on amazon is 135; EK is 164. I'll sell both sets for 200 including shipping. PM me if...
  10. K

    Recommendations for psych/soc section?

    I know everyone says to supplement with KA videos, but which book is better EK, NS, or PR? I've heard good things about NS and PR. Also is BR good for psychology? Thank you so much!
  11. A

    EK Set and In-Class books: TPR Books

    Hi everyone, I got into medical school and no longer need these books. Payments and shipping costs will be processed via Paypal or venmo. All prices include shipping. SELLING: I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes: The Princeton Review (TPR) TPR MCAT Science...
  12. F

    For Sale TBR 2016-2017, EK, Kaplan, NextStep Psych, and TPR Hyperlearning books for sale

    MCAT Books for bid on ebay. Please look at description for information. I'm happy to answer any questions. TBR 2016-2017: Berkeley Review MCAT 2016 and 2017 copyrights | eBay Examkrackers 9th Edition: Examkrackers MCAT 9th edition | eBay Kaplan 2015: Kaplan MCAT 2015 - 7 book series +...
  13. P

    For Sale Selling: Nextstep & EK practice tests

    Nextstep practice tests 1-4, available until October - $50 Examkrackers practice tests 1 & 2 (originally $50 and $35, respectively) - $25 and $17
  14. M

    The best way to prepare for the new MCAT (even though I do not have a strong foundation)

    Hey everyone! Whats the best way to study and prepare for the new MCAT? I do not have a very strong foundation in any of the sciences because I am a nontraditional student and took most of the classes a few years ago at a community college. I am not sure where to start.. Kaplan, Exam Krackers...
  15. C

    For Sale EK 10th Edition (full set) - $85

    Selling my EK 10th edition (full set) for $85. Shipping extra (DC area). No markings. It got me a 523, so hope it works for you too!
  16. T

    CARS success discrepancies

    Hey gang, Two things: 1) I've been using the latest TBR CARS book and usually scoring only 60%. I assume that is not good. I then dug up my old "EK 101 passages in MCAT VR" book and tried those and did significantly better, 78% (keep in mind this is an old book and was designed for the old...
  17. chelsrebecca

    For Sale **SELLING MCAT PREP BOOKS (The Berkeley Review, Examkrackers, NextStep)!!!**

    I used these prep books this past year (january-july 2017) and found them all very helpful! These books helped me get accepted into medical school on my first try, hopefully they’ll help you too! I am not looking to sell the books I have listed in sets as individual copies but contact me if you...
  18. Silver378

    MCAT Books- TPR CARS Workbook, Examkrackers, etc.

    Selling my MCAT books since I don't need them anymore :) The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) Workbook - $50 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Examkrackers MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning Passages - $12 Excellent condition, no...
  19. C

    Selling MCAT 10th edition Examkrackers, Kaplan 2015 mcat books and flash cards, Barron 12 edition

    Hi I’m selling all of my MCAT books: If you buy all of the prep books, flash cards, and test questions I will sell it all for $190+shipping. MCAT Examkrackers 10th edition complete study package for $150: Biology 1 & 2, Chemistry, Reasoning Skills are in great condition, with some highlights...
  20. S

    Supplemental Materials for MCAT Subjects

    Hey everyone! This is my first SDN post so apologies for any mistakes on my part and thanks for stopping by. So I'm in the nascent stages of MCAT preparation right now, just about to start major content review. I decided on using the Kaplan 7-Subject pack as my main source, but after doing a...
  21. Silver378

    For Sale Berkeley Review Set(New), TPR CARS, EK Verbal & 1001, Next Step

    Selling my MCAT books, no longer need them :) The Berkely Review Set - Sold The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Workbook - $70 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Next Step MCAT Psychology and Sociology Strategy and Practice -...
  22. D

    MCAT Books for Sale! (TBR, EK, Kaplan, TPR, NextStep, Official Guide)

    Have recently been accepted to medical school and am selling all MCAT prep books that I used for the post 2015 MCAT! The Berkeley Review 2012 (8 Book Set): ~$150+shipping (great condition, no markings) -Includes General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II, Biology I & II...
  23. ClamChowderrr

    Selling: Kaplan, EK 101 passages, EK 1001 passages, The MCAT book

    ExamKrackers: Brand new: 101 passages pyschology& sociology + 101 passages Biology 1 Biolomolecules $60 for both Barely Used: EK 1001 questions Physic ,Chemistry, and biology $10 for all Kaplan 3rd Edition full set + AAMC guide to the MCAT + Kaplan high yield problems book $60 for all...
  24. joe7456

    Selling MCAT 2016-2017 TBR, EK and more!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I will show you a receipt of the book shipment with tracking, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  25. M

    need berkely review/examkrackers 101

    Hi, I am interested in buying the new Berkely review mcat books 2016/2017 and also any examkrackers 101 books that anyone has! Please pm me thanks
  26. stonefawkes

    For Sale 509+ MCAT Prep: ExamKrackers 10th Edition Books FOR SALE!

    I am selling all my MCAT prep books from earlier this year which I used to get a 509+. I am selling everything for WAY less than I bought it for--EK books are in excellent condition and contain NO MARKED PASSAGES AND QUESTIONS (though some books have highlights in the content review sections)...
  27. stonefawkes

    Everything I learned about the MCAT (overview, prep books, tests...)

    I recently sent this to a friend who didn't know anything about the MCAT or how to prep for it, so I wrote up my two cents. I received my MCAT scores and happily I am part of the 509+ club so I thought I'd share my experience! Incidentally I am selling all my TBR, EK, and Kaplan prep materials...
  28. P

    For Sale Selling Sn2ed set MCAT books + others (MCATJelly plan)

    Hey guys! Just got my MCAT score back and am very happy with it so I'm selling the materials that helped me get there. I used MCATJelly's study plan as a backbone to creating mine. I also used all AAMC material (Full lengths, Q packs, and section banks). What I have: 2015 TBR Biochemistry...
  29. S


  30. K

    For Sale Brand New 2016 Examkrackers 101 passages Books!!!

    Contact me to negotiate price.
  31. mrdespair

    Help with prep over semester + winter break

    Hi SDN, I unfortunately will not have a full summer available to prep for the MCAT, so I was wondering if you guys would have any advice for preparing over the course of a regular semester (I'm anticipating being able to spare about 5-8h/wk for prep) plus winter break (when I will be able to...
  32. C

    For Sale Lots of MCAT books

    Hello, I just finished taking the MCAT (still awaiting my score) and am now looking to sell my books! Please feel free to contact with me any questions. Kaplan (brand new, online access and practice exams included): Complete 7 Book Subject Review (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology...
  33. T

    More Practice Passages

    I have heard from many people that the best way to study for the MCAT is to do practice passages/ questions. So, I planned to do 2 a day along with the material review. However, I cannot find any passages. I had looked online and EK's 101 passages came up but I saw many negative reviews. Are...
  34. afterallthistime

    Selling TBR, EK, TPR sets!

    Selling this EK set for $65. The MCAT 101 Passages has been marked with pencil throughout. Everything else is clean. Some may have pencil markings on 3-4 pages. Brand new, never used TPR 2016 set; $150 whole set or $20/book Used, all books are clean; no markings at all: $20/subject book...
  35. C

    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE, will throw in extra books too.

    Hi All! I just finished with the MCAT, so I'm looking to get rid of ALL my books I'm selling: EK 9th edition (Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research and Math, Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry, Biology 2 Systems, Psychology & Sociology, Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry, Physics) -$100 EK...
  36. J

    MCAT Prep Books (2015 Examkrackers, EK, EK 1001, EK 101, Kaplan, Official Guide to MCAT)

    Hi, I am selling my MCAT books. I have the following for sale: Official Guide to MCAT 2015 2015 ExamKrackers Books (complete set: 2 biology, chemistry, physics, sociology/psychology, verbal) Official Guide to MCAT Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests EK 1001 (complete set: biology, chemistry, physics...
  37. Gintoki

    For Sale Selling TBR (Bio + Chem) and EK passages

    Hi MCAT takers Update: TBR Bio and Chem sold. Thank you. Selling TBR Biology (Part I & II is sold as a set) and TBR General Chemistry (Part I & II sold as a set), both were bought directly from the TBR website in January 2017. Like-new condition. All books have no markings or highlighting. I...
  38. halamadrid17

    For Sale MCAT Book Sets for sale

    Selling the MCAT study materials I used to study for the MCAT (517). $150 for Examkrackers Set 10th Edition + EK Cars 101 book (both like new, no underlining, highlighting, writing at all) $60 for Kaplan Set (2nd Edition) + Baron's MCAT flash cards all together (Kaplan books have highlighting...
  39. I

    For Sale: MCAT Books for MCAT 2015 (TPR and EK)

    - Selling the Princeton Review MCAT Box Set ($90): ○ Subject includes: Biology, Pyschology and Sociology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review (CARS) § They are all 2nd edition § All great/excellent condition, only the...
  40. C

    For Sale Selling MCAT Books!

    Hi All! I just finished with the MCAT, so I'm looking to get rid of ALL my books I'm selling: EK 9th edition (Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research and Math, Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry, Biology 2 Systems, Psychology & Sociology, Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry, Physics) -$100 EK...