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Jul 17, 2006
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I've been studying for a long time now. Have read everything at least once. My test is in 6 weeks. From what I've researched in this forum, the must-see Kaplan videos are: Behavioral, Pharmacology, Biochemistry + genetics; and if I can: Physiology, Anatomy + Neuroanatomy.

The only Kaplan video I've seen is Behavioral. Would it help me to watch Pharmacology and biochemistry videos in my final 6 week study? or would that make me anxious?

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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Nov 19, 2007
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I havent taken step 1 yet, so take this advise for whatever it is worth

No point listening to pharm and BC now...unless u are having trouble 'understanding' the concepts from text...infact its good u listened to Behavioural as that is the best...i would add physio and neuroanat as next best....but really u can do them from text just as well.
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