Jul 20, 2009
My questions are the following.

To give you a brief: I'm in my mid 20's currently obtaining a masters in the "rehab field" and I'm interested in persuing a career in medicine. I have an undergrad GPA of rougly 3.6 if not hire and will begin taking most of my Science courses in the upcoming years.

I was to know...

A. How competitive Pod schools are vs. DO programs.

B. Is SMU one of the more less competitive Pod schools? If not which one is?

C. I was curious as to what type of GPA's/MCAT/DAT scored are people being admitted to Pod schools with?

D. I have heard some Pod schools instead of the two year Bio pre reqs are willing to accept A&P. Is that true?

E. Is post bacc pre med program recommended?

THank you
Jul 20, 2009
Hi I am a rising 4th year student at UVA and am applying to podiatry school this September and I was wondering what my chances were of getting in. I have a 2.6 gpa (2.8 science). Im taking the Mcat in August. I have lots of extracurriculars and lots of clinical experience and research and have shadowed two podiatrists that are both giving me a recommendation. I also am currently retaking the second part of orgo that I got a D in the first time I took it. What do you guys think? Also UVA is a high ranked school (#23 I believe in the nation, #2 for public schools), does that have any factor on my acceptance?