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a little confused... need advice


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Mar 19, 2001
New Orleans, LA USA
    Hey everybody,
    I have been reading this forum, and others for a while. Like all of you I want to go to medical school, my problem is that when ever I think I made up my mind, I start to rethink it. A little about myself..... I have a BS in Biology and Chemistry, 3.15 gpa. And I will be completing a MPH this semester with about a 3.7. My MCAT is LOW, not competitive at all (Reasons for this, but I won't justify). Because of my grades and all I don't really qualify for US schools, even though my graduate gpa is decent. I am really interested in RCSI and Sackler. I was also looking at the school in Poznan, but because of language barriers... I don't know how that suit me. I know that I will make an excellent doctor. I don't want to specialize, I just want to be in primary care and serve underserved populations. I have also been looking at the Caribbean schools. I really like how St. Matthews looks, seems to be the most appealing for me. I do like the fact that Saba is small and I have heard good things. If anyone can help me by giving advice from there personal experiences with these schools, and whether they think I have a shot.. I would appreciate it. Thanks so much..

    Best Regards,


      I haven't any information on the schools you've inquired about but have you considered retaking the MCAT? It might behoove you to try and strengthen your application if you have not already done so.

      Just my two cents...
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