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May 14, 2018
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    So I was under the impression AACOMAS was like AMCAS where I could just upload up to 10 letters and choose which ones to send to schools. This error is obviously due to my naivety, and I should have double checked before. I was uploading letters to AACOMAS as I received them through Interfolio, as I was doing with AMCAS. However, as I soon saw there was a maximum of 6, I realized I needed to narrow it down to my strongest letters... I wanted to swap one Science letter out for a stronger one that I received later. However, because the initial letter is marked as completed, it cannot be deleted or edited.

    From AACOMAS website: "You can edit and delete requests that are in Requested or Accepted status. Once a request is Completed, you cannot make any changes regardless of whether you’ve submitted your application or not."

    My question is, should I bother reaching out to AACOMAS in regards to this issue? I guess my case would be that I submitted the wrong letter, unaware that I was going to be capped at 6 and now I am unable to fix this issue because it's marked as completed.


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    Jun 21, 2017
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      You could send an email to AACOMAS asking, however, they do state what you said above - that once they are complete you cannot* remove or replace them. I can't believe you got all your LORs that fast, my writers took forever. If I recall correctly, some DO schools you can send additional letters outside of AACOMAS through interfolio and designate those letters to fulfill the requirement of the school. Other schools require you send it through AACOMAS. In the case of the latter, you could email the school and explain the situation. Worst case is they say no, and you use a LOR you already have uploaded. Best of luck this cycle!
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