aacomas application

  1. G

    AACOMAS Experiences Question

    Hello, I'm new here! I was filling out the AACOMAS activities section by translating experiences from my AMCAS app. I was wondering if anybody could lend their experience on 2 questions I had: 1. I had an entry in AMCAS called "Short-Term Collegiate Experience" which practically was a misc...
  2. Fishy fish

    Race Question

    Currently working on a DO secondary application which asks the question below... Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Origin? (The term Hispanic or Latino or Spanish Origin is defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish...
  3. F

    Should I apply or wait?

    is it worth me trying to apply with an MCAT of 492 or should I just wait and retake the mcat and apply next cycle? Do schools like to see reapplicants? Help
  4. F

    Resend MCAT scores?

    Hey guys. I’m reapplying for DO schools this year. I rolled over my application from last year. I did not retake my MCAT as I was happy with my first score so my MCAT score from last year is on my current DO application. Do I need to resend that same score again to AACOMAS so they can see a...
  5. mikeknicksjets

    More than 6 letters in AACOMAS?

    So I messed up by thinking that AACOMAS has a max of 7 LoRs and not 6, but now I've reached the max with an additional person writing me a LoR. Has anyone had experience with sending extra letters directly to the schools? Could this possibly be detrimental to me in any way? I feel like this is...
  6. S

    AACOMA Club vs Club leadership

    Hi Everyone! I was hoping to get a little advice on this. For the experience/achievement portion on AACOMAS, is it acceptable to list your experience as a general member in a club as separate from a leadership position in that same club. Like, for one community service club that I was a part of...
  7. TheLeadSeed

    16 W's from undergrad, 4.0 post-bacc, 508 MCAT...chances?

    Hey guys, Basically what title says. Had time poor management and was over-involved in undergrad but learned from mistakes. Graduate program at Johns Hopkins was 1 year post-bacc, 40 credits in sciences. Earned a MS Biotech through it. AACOMAS verified stats: undergrad cGPA/sGPA...
  8. A

    Interfolio Question

    I am storing all of my letters using Interfolio. I have all of them ready except two, and they are submitting to Interfolio around mid-July. I wanted to submit my primaries in early June. Can I still do this and submit my letters from Interfolio to AACOMAS later, even after I submit primaries...
  9. D

    AACOMAS Question

    Hello!! I really want to submit my application, but the only thing missing are my LORs. Has anyone had experience submitting before the LORs are in? The website says you are able to do it but I'm nervous to do it haha. Thanks!!
  10. P

    AACOMAS Application

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to complete the AACOMAS application and I am stuck on what to do for certain Course Codes. The video and instructions say to enter the course codes exactly as they appear but did not mention what to do if the course codes contain a dash, for instance...
  11. S

    AACOMAS New Repeat Course Policy and RowanSOM

    Ok so idk if you guys have heard of aacomas changing its repeat course policy. If you haven't here is a link: http://www.aacom.org/become-a-doctor/applying/notice-of-repeat-coursework-policy-change I am super upset about this because I could have avoided it. I was suppose to apply during the...
  12. Y

    LOR for reapplicants

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knew if AACOMAS saves letters of recommendation to your account? Say, for instance, I apply one cycle and don't get in, and am applying next cycle. Would the LOR's from my first cycle application still be there for me to use? Thanks!
  13. N

    Is the number of LORs specific needed different for each DO school? How many do I need?

    I know this may have been asked before, but I cant find this anywhere: Is the number of LORs specific needed different for each DO school? How many do I need? How many science LOR do I need and how many non-science LOR? Can I include a LOR from a previous employer (Assistant Director at my...
  14. P

    Chances to Touro - CA with these stats?

    Hi guys! I just received my secondary application for Touro-CA. AACOMAS calculated my official cgpa to be 3.27 and my MCAT score is a 507... what do you think my chances are with these stats? Is it worth it to submit the secondary? I am also a California native/ graduated from UC Davis if that...
  15. S

    Submitting transcript with "courses in progress"

    Hi, I submitted my transcript already with my courses in progress appearing on my transcript for this Spring as "In Progress." However, on the AACOMAS site, they say not to send in transcripts including in progress courses. (I attached their message in this post). Would this really matter? My...
  16. R

    Early Decision and DO Applications

    Hi everyone, Anyone know if it is possible to submit an Early Decision Application to an MD program and also apply to several DO programs simultaneously? Thanks!
  17. Y

    2017 AACOMAS requirements

    Hi All, So I was looking through the 2017 CIB and I started noticing that the schools that historically REQUIRE a DO letter have now switched to saying "recommend a letter from a PHYSICIAN". Some examples I found: DMU-COM - it's not on the CIB but on their website it says PHYSICIAN...
  18. D

    Submitting through new AACOMAS application and then adding LOR recommenders

    With the new application system for AACOMAS, I can't find anywhere that says whether you can add Recommenders through AACOMAS after you submit the application. I know it says you can have letters sent in after, but it doesn't say if you have to put who the recommenders will be before submitting...
  19. N

    LOR due date

    Applications open on May 5th and schools begin receiving and processing applications on June 15th. If I submit my application in early May, will making the LOR due date on May 5th vs. a later date make a difference with the applications being considered on a rolling basis? I know you can pay...
  20. MedicalMermaid

    How does the AACOMAS application process/timeline work?

    Hello again everyone! I am new to applying for med school and am a bit confused about how the application timeline works and was hoping someone could explain it to me. I saw that the AACOMAS application for the 2016 cycle opened on May 2015 and then each school has a different deadline...
  21. stardust379

    AACOMAS grade replacement question

    Hi all, I retook a bunch of pre-requisite courses I took during undergrad through my school's Extension program after graduating. I listed the retaken pre-reqs as "post-baccalaureate" when I did transcript entry because they were done through extension and was after I graduated. However, I also...
  22. C

    Study Abroad WES eval

    OK, This is incredibly frustrating. I went to an undergraduate school in the states where I took one semester and studied abroad. These three classes counted on my transcript simply as "TR" credits. When I applied to AMCAS, they never need a transcript from my study abroad. Now that I'm...
  23. P

    Trouble editing "College attended" on the AACOMAS application

    I am having trouble editing the dates for a college I already entered under the "College attended" section. The instructions say: Q: How can I edit a school in the “Colleges Attended” section? A: To change an entry in the Colleges Attended section while completing an AACOMAS application, click...