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Feb 9, 2007
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hey guys...long time viewer, first time poster...
I need some help badly- my pd seems to be a little aloof these days and is not really much help to me in my time of need (he says my rank list is up to me at this point and all the programs are great). i know my rank will mostly be based on my gut feeling, but i plan to do a fellowship and the academic standing and my chance at a fellowship at a certain program have alot to do with my ranking of a program as well.

I was wondering if anybody had the slightest clue on these programs....

Albert Einstein
Boston University
UT Southwestern
St Luke's
North Shore-LIJ
U of Rochester

thank you ssooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:


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Apr 24, 2003
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I really liked UCLA. The resdients seemed smart, well trained and happy with their training, the attendings were interactive and they are getting a gorgeous new hospital. It is a 7 year though and in an expensive area, if those things bother you.
I have heard UTSW is malignant, but I imagine that is changing, like it seems to be everywhere. I didn't interview there.
One of my super academic advisors said that Loyola wasn't so hot in terms of prestige.

That's all I can add. Hope that helps.


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Mar 11, 2003
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I know someone who interviewed at Albert Einstein and they said that you are a like a tadpole in the pacific ocean, noone has your back, the attendings are sharks wanting to eat you, the facilities are like a dying coral reef. Beyond those things, fellowship placement is top notch. If you can survive that place then you will come out a strong surgeon.
Louisville also seemed like a strong program. Very into training the "general surgeon." Strong fellowship matching, also a place where I feel you will be worked very hard, but will come out a superior surgeon. Although small, Louisville seemed like a great place to live with a lot of river restaurants and close proximity to even larger cities like Chicago (2-3 hr drive). Strong fellowship placement.
I have friends that are medical students through VCU at Fairfax hospital. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about that program. They love the faculty, the facilities are superior and everything gets done quick. Its a new program though and I think its still somewhat tuned toward creating general surgeons. I am not sure about fellowship placement.
UCLA is UCLA, a superior program on the west coast with TONS of research opportunities, but you are mandated to do at minimum 2 years of research. I dont think that their clinical experience will be superior as their program is extremely fellowship heavy. You will still get a quality education and tons of connections with well known individuals who can match you anywhere in the country. On the other hand they are still on probation for work hour related issues.
All I know about MUSC is that Charleston is a beautiful city. A friend of mine interviewed there and loved it. Thought some of the faculty were hit or miss, but overall the residents seemed happy and got good training. I would honestly love to live in Charleston as its a happening coastal town with lots to do and beautiful scenery.
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Dec 23, 2005
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1) UCLA- Excellent program; strong repuation/faculty; very academic; good fellowship match
2) UTSW- Excellent program; you will work very hard; you will be incredibly well trained; very academic; good fellowship match
. . . .. . .
. . . . . .
3) Louis ville- good program; new chair history of malignant; good academic program
. . . .
. .. . . .
4) MUSC- good program; has pluses and minuses
5) USF-Tampa- good program; has some malignant reputation
6) UIC- fair program; has pluses and minuses
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