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Apr 22, 2010
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My mom takes a few minerals. Age is taking a toll and now she has osteoporosis. The physician has asked her to take calcium, magnesium, Zinc, Boron along with a daily multivitamin (Please do not discuss inefficacy or lack of evidence of multivitamins usefulness). I did not like the regimen at all, because she takes many divalent cations at the same time that I am highly suspicious of their absorption, esp. calcium that she needs.

Does anyone have any report that has performed a study on this line? i.e. which cations hinders/enhances absorption of which cation. There is a study between Ca, Mg and Mn, but any other combination(s)?

Many thanks in advance.

(Apologies, if this question sounds too basic, but I am a non-practicing pharmacist and have lost touch a little too much.)
Dec 9, 2010
I think there may be an issue with the zinc and calcium together but seriously? Worrying about supplemented calcium and binding issues is a little over kill. What her labs? Calcium/albumin, ionized?