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Acceptance post


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Feb 28, 2001
Columbus, OH
  1. Fellow [Any Field]
    For all of you that have been accepted to an international medical school, please post your responses to the following:

    1.)Undergraduate school
    2.)Medical School(s) accepted to
    6.)Medical school you're going to attend

    I'd like to hear from all of you who've had success gaining admission to a medical school. Please post so others reading this can have a foundation or ray of hope for admission when applying abroad.




    Junior Member
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    Mar 11, 2001
    Montreal, Canada
      I just got accepted into the three medical schools in Ireland...

      1. McGill University(went to 12 other schools before McGill in 3 countries... and attended french-only schools for 6 years)
      2. UCD, Trinity, RCSI
      3. 3.5
      4. 35
      5. a ****load... Floorfellow in residences(R.A.), McGill DriveSafe Exec, dozens of committees, Ultimate Frisbee, intramural sports, hospital stuff...
      6. haven't decided yet...

      but need help deciding..so please share info if available.
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      Jan 2, 2001
      1. Attending Physician
        1. Case Western Reserve University (cleveland, OH)
        2. Trinity (withdrew from RCSI, status of Aussie application unknown)
        3 3.70
        4. not as good as a 35! :)
        5. Rowing, Research Assistant with publications/scholarship, tutoring for AOL(volunteer) and mentoring for Upward Bound, campus newspaper, various national classics societies (as in dead languages), various honor societies, music stuff
        6. Trinity (most likely) or Univ. of Melbourne if I get accepted.
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