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Oct 25, 2006
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I recently got certified by the PTCB as a pharm tech, and is waiting for a license from my state(CA). Although I have already submitted all my applications, I would like to include this in my application once they approved my pharm tech license. how do I present this information to the admisson committee? do I just make a photocopy of the license and attach a letter explaining that I just got this? or do I just bring it up during the interview?

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I would just contact the schools where you applied - tell them you have some additional information you think is pertinent to your application and see what they say. Some may just have you email something in, others may want something more official, and others may just tell you to talk about it in your interview. Good luck!
I would just email the admissions coordinator of each school you applied to and ask them to update your file with the new information. I have found that this method typically works best. They may want proof, but the application process is supposed to be ethical, so I doubt they would really need/want it.
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thank you both for the reply, has anyone else actually had to update their application? what method did you use?
I'm actuallu about to do this myself. I don't think you need to wait for your license from CA to update your file, as long as you have your PTCB certification. As stated above, I would just e-mail the admissions office/contact and let them know that you have become certified and would like to update your application with the information.