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Aug 16, 2014
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Question regarding programs with both categorical and advanced positions. How do programs decide which applicants match into advanced vs categorical? Is it generally that they first fill up categorical with more sought after applicants (ie higher on their rank list) and then go on to fill their advanced spots? So at a given program with both categorical and advanced positions it is easier to match into the advanced slots?
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Feb 6, 2014
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Generally, yes. The vast majority will send in identical rank lists of applicants for their categorical and advanced spots. That way, they get the "more desirable" candidates as categoricals and the advanced spots are filled lower down their rank list (assuming the applicants all rank categorical over advanced on their lists, which isn't always the case). I know of one program that doesn't even send in a rank list for their advanced spots, as they prefer to fill them during SOAP and/or after the match process. I doubt they're the only program that does that, though.
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