Sep 27, 2014
Medical Student (Accepted)

I am a student who majored in biology at a pretty good university. I am not someone who is naturally talented in science although I ended up with a 3.6GPA after really hard work. I am very thankful for those who were there to support me throughout this time. I tried to take the old MCAT twice. I even applied abroad looking for different programs, but my scores were just bad. My science scores were okay but my verbal scores were so bad that it was impossible to get any interviews. I read slower so even when I try other standardized tests, I often feel like I have difficulties. Plus sometimes when you're coping with multiple problems, things just become more complicated and it feels really bad because two years have gone by while I try to take these exams with no progress. My parents are saying this is the last year for me to try things out (for a long time they also had expectations for me to go to med school; we have physicians in the family so they expected a lot from me). Should I try the new MCAT? Any advice for reading skills in general? Sometimes it feels like for me having the heart to do it is not enough :'( I didn't look into some alternate related programs (like physician assistant) in the U.S. because they're no jobs available if I have to go work in a different country due to some circumstances. so I guess my choices are kind of limited...some jobs have duties that I don't feel confident enough to succeed in...
Your parents should not be dictating your life. Nor should your other family members. Be yourself and keep finding ways to improve your reading comprehension. If medicine is really for you, I'm sure you'll find a way to do well on the verbal section.