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    just looking for some honest feedback...

    i'll be applying to med schools for 2008 admission..i'm taking the mcat this summer (third time, but i think i'll be doing much better)...

    summary of 'stats':

    *Undergraduate cumulative GPA..3.486

    *graduated in may '06 from a fairly small, private liberal arts college with a BS in Biology and a concentration in molecular cell physiology

    *was a member of several honor societies and held a position in two of them (was secretary in one and historian in another)...however, these societies were quite inactive and didn't do much outside of an occasional meeting...

    *was a lab assistant for a general bio class for a few months

    *had volunteered in the ER at a local hospital one summer

    September '06 to just recently: was a student in a medical technology program that consisted of didactic (lecture) and practical laboratory experiences...was to complete this program in august, but discovered that working in a lab just wasn't for me (the work was too repetitive and mundane...not enough problem solving [i like to play detective and try to diagnose things], and i couldn't put a 'face' on the specimens i analyzed (i found myself wishing i could meet the patient from whom the specimen was drawn to trace his or her medical progress)]...

    while in the program, i also spent some time with pathology residents and seemed to enjoy more of what they did, than what i was doing and learning in med tech (not that i'd necessarily want to be a pathologist)...unfortunately, these residents have since left the hospital and relocated (haven't kept in touch with them)...

    drawn more than ever to medical school, i took a leave of absence from the remainder of the med tech program to concentrate on my goal, study for the mcat, and soon go through the process of applying to schools...

    but i'm curious....with competition to med schools being so i stand a chance of getting in anywheres??? ....

    i wasn't anything outstanding in college and probably considered to be average in med tech... any LORs i get will probably not stand out enough from other applicants to make any great i'm wondering..

    given all this ('s kind of lengthy)....what advice would anyone have concerning the above? may i best maximize my chances of med school acceptance??

    i appreciate any input or guidance you may have....i just want to make med school a reality, like everyone else... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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