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    I'm currently a high school student, I'm a junior now and I'm going to graduate one semester early, I've always debated with myself between being a lawyer or a doctor, but the one thing I'm sure about is wanting to get an ROTC scholarship, not only to pay for college but to receive real in the field training and to serve my country, I know ROTC pays for the 4 years of undergraduate school but my questions were

    1. Is there an ROTC to pay for graduate school and if so how does it work
    2. How do I go from ROTC to medical school if at all possible
    3. I've read a little about HPSP, how does that work compared to a regular ROTC scholarship
    4. Should I go into ROTC if I want to be a surgeon eventually

    Thank you to all who answer
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    Medical Student
    Sorry I do not know the details of ROTC to compare, but there does exist military programs to pay for one's medical education (plus a stipend). One registers for these programs between college and medical school and they require military service after obtaining a doctor's degree.

    There are also 2 people in my class of 120 who have already been in the military or some military academy.

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