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After taking gen bio 1...

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Mar 2, 2009
  1. Medical Student
    Ecology- haven't taken

    Microbiology- my course is not relevant at all for the MCAT, it's all environmental microbiology. I like it though, my research is focused in this.

    Zoology (invertebrate)- is awesome and I would highly recommend taking an invertebrate course.

    Botany- also very cool, very useful in my opinion.

    if I were to rank from easiest to most difficult:



    Fascinating, tell me more
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    Oct 16, 2007
    1. Medical Student
      What did you enjoy the most out of:

      Ecology, Microbio, Botany, or Zoology

      What was the easiest?

      What was the hardest?

      List your preferences.

      Zoology and Ecology were tied for the most interesting.
      Microbiology is second.
      Botany = Zzzzz

      For me Botany was the hardest because it was the least interesting.

      I would guess most people would rank microbiology and zoology higher than ecology and botany in terms of interest. But YMMV.

      In terms of difficulty, micro tends to have pathways and techniques so there's a fair bit of memorizing but it tends to make sense. Zoology has a lot of systematics/evolution/life cycles/anatomy so there is a lot of "brute force" memorizing like memorizing clades, shared common characters, etc. Botany is the same way except with plants. Ecology is pretty easy because it has a lot of "common sense" applications. Eg if predator population goes up, what happens to prey population? it goes down.

      In terms of the MCAT, microbio and zoology will probably help the most in bio sci. Ecology would only help a little. Botany wouldn't help at all.
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