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Dec 15, 2004
UAB seems to have accepted a bunch of people last Monday, but has anyone received a rejection or been put on the wait list? I haven't heard a thing, which is discouraging because I actually thought that my interview there went fairly well. Maybe some of the ones I thought I tanked will turn out well. :)


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Mar 25, 2002
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Interviewees are set into two piles: acceptable and unacceptable. The acceptable pile is ranked. Rejection letters are sent out to the unacceptable pile. Highly ranked students are given a phone call. The rest don't get a response until spots open up.

Therefore, if you haven't received anything yet, you're likely on the acceptable list. You may call Kellei at the office if you want a hint of where you are on that list and how far we've gone down the list, but don't expect a concrete response.

Best of luck.
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