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Algebra Problem


I'm ok, your ok!!!
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Aug 19, 2002
Ok, for what ever reason, my brain is not working right.

This is from Kaplan's Physical Science Review book on chapter two of physics "Newtonian Mechanics"
M=mass of block A (15)
A=acceleration of block A (2.5)
mk=coefficient of kinetic friction (0.14)
g=acceleration of gravity (9.8)
T=tension of string

Solving for T, from:

MA=T- mkMg

then the book shows:


My algebra must be way out of practice because I can't recall how each step of this occurred. Can someone break it down detailed step by step algebra for me, from MA=T-mkMg, I'm confused on what to do algebraically with the variable of "M" on each side so that you end up with the equation for T=M(mkg+A)

Thanks in advance.
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