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    I would PM you but you do not allow that option. I had not looked that deeply, but now having read your posts it is all clear. The funny thing is, I read what I am 90% sure is your post on and thought how nice you were. I really like NW and UVA(but I was waitlisted at UVA) and I sincerely hope I am given good news. Thank you so much for your kind words, as I thought that we all did very well that day. You really made it easier with your friendly manner and easy smile. SDNers are good peeps. Anyways, I am going down to Atlanta tomorrow for an interview at Emory this Friday. Wish me luck, and know that while I am very happy for you, I envy you that you are now done with this crazy process. I have been accepted to my other state schools, but really want a little more. Can you blame me? :D PM me any time you like and thanks for everything.

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