Am I Competitive for Audiology?

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Sep 29, 2015
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Hey All!

I am applying to graduate programs hoping to get in next fall for an AuD program. I'm hopeful in getting into an AuD/PhD program if possible. I've got excellent SoP and LoR. Based off of sheer numbers, what programs would I be competitive for? I'm seeking for an unbiased opinion.

Overall GPA: 3.5

Last 60 Credits: 3.59

Unofficial GRE results: 151 V 152 Q

I have over 70 hours of research, 60+ hours of teaching experience, 500+ hours of volunteering/humanitarian aid, and 20ish hours of shadowing experience.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes! You're very competitive! Good luck if you decide to apply, you meet the requirements for most of the well established schools too.
Yes, you are. Best of luck. With that GPA you can probably apply to top ranking schools.
Very competitive. If you weren't dying to go to one of the top research schools (Vandy, Purdue, etc.) then you could easily get into a program and be fully funded.