1. Mr.Smile12

    [Resource] American Academy of Audiology

    For those interested in audiology, you may benefit from up-to-date information about the challenges facing the field through the American Academy of Audiology. Those who are pre-audiology are encouraged to join at the "undergraduate member" rate of $40 per year (rate...
  2. A

    Help! -B.A -> Au.D

    Hi All, I am a recent B.A regular Communications graduate, in my final semester I realized I had a passion for health, I chose to minor in Health Promotion but I took no hardcore sciences or medical classes as an undergrad. I am really interested in applying for an Au.D program (Especially at...
  3. L

    Am I competitive for audiology at Wayne state university?

    I can only apply to Wayne State university Aud program because I can not move. However, is it worth spending money on pre reqs for one school and not be competitive enough? I didnt graduate with a CSD or have any experience Undergraduate gpa: 3.6 BS in biology Graduate gpa: 3.8 masters in...
  4. R

    2019 Au.D Acceptance Thread

    Hey guys! I'm just starting the official thread for this year's cohort. I think we should do it a bit differently so future cohorts have a better idea for their turn. Salus University- still waiting Montclair State University- waitlisted Long Island Consortium- accepted Gallaudet University-...
  5. S

    Au. D to Nurse Practitioner?

    I love learning about Audiology and I’m currently a graduate student in the field. However, I know I want to do more upon graduating. I am highly interested in doing a Nurse Practitioner program after graduating. There are several reasons for this, but mostly, I love the medical field and the...
  6. N

    stressed about applying

    I am a senior in a CSD program and I am getting really stressed about applying. I have a 305 GRE, and my GPA is a 4.947. My letters of recs should be good, i should be able to write a good personal statement, and I have a decent leadership and some involvement. I am applying to 7 different...
  7. StudentX

    New York Phd. in Hearing Sciences Applicant

    Hello, So I'm currently an undergraduate senior at a City University of New York preparing my graduate school portfolio for some PhD. Programs both instate and out fo state: - SUNY Buffalo - CUNY Graduate Center - Syracuse University - Northwestern - Vanderbilt There are some...
  8. S

    Questioning Audiology

    I'm not even half way through my Au.D program at this point and I have so many doubts and frustrations about this field I don't even know where to begin. I am so disheartened for my future in this profession. I don't even know if this post will do all my thoughts/feelings about audiology justice...
  9. H

    How to select an AuD program?

    Hi everyone. This fall, I will begin applying to grad school for admission into an AuD program. I have already begun narrowing down my search for which schools to apply to, but I am definitely struggling. For those of you who are currently in or about to begin an AuD program, where did you...
  10. M

    Audiology Graduate Programs

    Has anyone been applied or been accepted to Vanderbilt or Iowa's Audiology program? I know they are top schools, so I am wondering if my numbers are comparative enough to be competitive if I apply to these schools. Thank you!
  11. L

    [Canada] Switching career to Audiology in mid-thirties

    Hello there, I am a linguistics PhD, and am currently working on a non-tenure track faculty position. While the pay is decent, the job is inherently unstable, and I have no idea what will happen when my contract ends in 3-4 years. Because of the difficulty in obtaining tenure-track positions, I...
  12. Armyhealth

    Army Audiology

    Looked like there have not been any info posted in SDN in a long time about becoming a military audiologist. Figured I would make a thread for those interested and help answer some questions. There are three ways to come in as an audiologist in the army. Feel free to send me questions, I only...
  13. M

    Audiology Career Outlook

    Hello! I am a communication disorders student who is currently contemplating what path I should take after my undergraduate degree. I have always had a passion for medicine because I really enjoy helping people, however math and science were never my particular strong suits. While science I...
  14. A

    Children with HL Rehab Aud Questions

    Hello, everyone! My name is Andrew, and I am an undergraduate Speech/Language Hearing Sciences student. This summer I am taking a Rehab Aud class, and I am writing a paper on children with hearing loss. I'm looking for professionals/pre-professionals who have worked with children with hearing...
  15. C

    Am I competitive enough for my reach schools?

    I am studying Communication Disorders and going to be a senior. Right now I have a 3.40 GPA, this summer if I take 2 classes and make As, by the time I apply I will have a 3.50 GPA. I hear and read a lot of things that make me think I NEED a 3.5+ to even get into the schools I want (UT, UT...
  16. Dr.Maxx

    Am I competitive enough?

    Hello, I have been reading the audiology forum on SDN for a while now and I have a couple of questions if anyone can offer any insight. So I originally started college interested in medicine, I have completed about 1,000 hours of interning in various fields. I decided that I would major in...
  17. N

    2017 Texas AuD Application Thread

    Hey guys! Just wanted to start a thread specifically for Texas schools. I've applied to UNT, UTD, and TTUHSC. I've interviewed at Tech. Now we wait...
  18. L

    How important is Major GPA in AuD application review

    Hi, guys. So I have been reading on on all about importance of GPA and everything but what are my chances if my SLHS GPA is barely above 3 but overall GPA is 3.5? I feel like I should have good chances because I have a unique interest in the field, I was involved with international hearing aid...
  19. H

    How many Audiology Schools should I apply to?

    Hi there! I am applying to the only 3 audiology schools in my state. I want to hopefully pay in state tuition. Should I apply to a few more out of state just to look more competitive/ make my chances greater? How many is TOO many and how many is NOT ENOUGH? THANK YOU!!!!
  20. A

    Personal Statement

    Hello! I have started my graduate school applications but I am having some trouble starting my personal statement. Most that I have seen have some deep reason for wanting to pursue a career in audiology and I do not have anything like that. I am just passionate about the field and enjoy the...
  21. X

    Audiology job opportunities

    Hello all, I'm curious if anyone knows how willing facilities are to hire international students. Any information is helpful. Thank you very much.
  22. AudioMusic

    Audiology Schools in the Midwest?

    Ok so here are the schools I am currently looking at. I'm a Florida native so I will also be reapplying to my current university for their grad program as a backup but I really want to go out of state. The other schools are as follows: Rush University, Northwestern, UW Madison, U of Illinois...
  23. AudioMusic

    Audiologist Employability?

    Hello there, I am currently finishing up my junior year in undergrad. My degree is in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I am going to apply for an Au.D. My question is for people who are currently looking for jobs in Audiology and/or professionals who are already employed. What are...
  24. H

    Potential acceptance to Audiology school

    I am currently a junior in a ComDis program and my overall GPA is a 3.6 and ComDis Major GPA is a 3.8. My GRE scores are on the lower end, right around the 25th percentile. I work with an ENT and Audiologist and Volunteer with my University's NSSLHA. I was wondering if I am competitive at all or...
  25. due.diligence

    Is audiology a good career for a mom?

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering how feasible it is to go through the AudD program with a baby. Any of you done it? Did you feel like you were totally missing out on your kid's childhood? Side note: I do have a nearby dad who loves to babysit and a nurse partner who works 3 days a week. I'm also...
  26. N

    Waiting on the Waitlist

    So how does it work if we have to make a decision for schools we've been accepted to by April 15 if we're on the waitlist at other schools we're still interested in? I've been waitlisted at a couple schools I would highly consider if I was accepted to, but I've also been accepted to schools I'm...
  27. N

    Prospective Audiology Student

    How would you describe the profession of audiology to a college student who was unfamiliar with the field? I'm struggling with explaining this to different classmates and family members so I thought I would ask in the hopes of facilitating my ideas
  28. Q

    Desperate for AuD Project Ideas!!

    I'm a second year student in my AuD program and I am really struggling to come up with ideas for my AuD project. I have had a few ideas, but one of them is too complicated for an AuD project and the other, case studies and literature review of cases of misophonia and then recommended treatment...
  29. F

    Am I Competitive for Audiology?

    Hey All! I am applying to graduate programs hoping to get in next fall for an AuD program. I'm hopeful in getting into an AuD/PhD program if possible. I've got excellent SoP and LoR. Based off of sheer numbers, what programs would I be competitive for? I'm seeking for an unbiased opinion...
  30. P

    When to Apply for Jobs

    So, I'm currently completing my 4th year. I'll graduate and be done with my studies in May. I have a general area of the country that I want to live in and finally start living my adult life, so every once in a while i scope out the area to see if any practices are hiring. Right now there seems...