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Am I competitive?

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Jul 3, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
    I was you.
    Slightly better GPA, 2000+ hours of shadowing, 300+ research, 500+volunteering
    17AA first time I applied - No interviews/Rejected
    18AA second time I applied - No interviews/Rejected
    21AA third time I applied - 6 interviews and 3 acceptances

    I applied to many of those schools on your list the first and second time. Is it possible to get and interview and accepted? Yes it's possible. Is it likely? No. My advice would be to buckle down and take the DAT 1 more time. All of your other stats are great and so is your PAT. But an 18AA or 18TS just does not cut it today. Not trying to to bring you down, I'm just trying to be realistic. You can definitely apply and see what happens but from my own experience it was just a waste of money. Apply when you are a very competitive applicant! Even bringing your AA to a 19 or 20 can open so many more doors. You can do it!
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    Jul 8, 2020
      I’ll say what I truly believe everyone asking your question needs to hear— only an admissions committee can tell you if you’re competitive! Maybe an 18 this year is killer, but in previous years where other people (who will respond to this post and tell you an 18 is too low) 19’s or 20’s were more common. If the rest of your application truly shines and your letters of rec are solid, it can go a long way in getting you an interview/acceptance. I think of GPA and DAT scores as flashy attention grabbers— they’re just there to get someone to notice the application, and then they’ll get into the meat of your app and start to see if you’re a real human with substance, not just a genius robot. It sounds to me like you’re a genuine human being who cares about others enough to do some hefty volunteering. Don’t underestimate how far that can get you. At the end of it all, you’ll never know if you were competitive or not for the cycle if you don’t submit the application! Give it a shot, you’ve got this!


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      Nov 11, 2017
      1. Pre-Dental
        the average DAT of applicants is 17 and the average accepted students in 19. Below the average of matriculating students but not impossible. Much harder to get an acceptance but no one knows for sure. Best bet is to apply to schools who don't weight the DAT as heavy and really sell every other aspect of your app.
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