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Jan 23, 2004
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Ok, visited the Princeton center in Dallas yesterday and got a chance to look at their review materials. Fairly detailed, although their facilities leave a little to be desired, but hey, I'm not paying for the facilities, per se, but the instruction.

Anyway, I've been talking with a few former Kaplan instructors that have gone into detail on what they cover. These people mentioned that you'll be told things like F=ma and how that applies to the MCAT but you won't get into the theory of why F=ma (you get that when you take the course in college). One former instructor in particular said that if I felt I needed that level of instruction I probably wasn't ready to begin a review course.

Well, it's been about 19 years since physics in my undergrad and it was one of those learn-puke back-forget classes. Yeah, you use the general principles in an abstract way every day, but who the heck remembers and uses Newtonian mechanics every day? So, I've still got the book and plan on doing a detailed reading/review of it prior to class starting (end of May) after OChem II finals (6 May).

Am I ready for a review class at this point, or should I retake physics over the summer, prep over the fall, and go in April? How detailed is the physics section on the MCAT?



It will get better once you are...still waiting :)
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Oct 8, 2003
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Have you looked into post-bacc programs? You get done in a year. The material is still fresh and if you have the material you might not even need a review course.

Just a thought
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