AMCAS grading for schools that use 4.0 scale

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Mar 26, 2011
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My school uses a 4.0 scale, meaning your grade in a class isn't an A, B, or C. Instead it's 3.4, 2.6, 3.9 etc. I've heard from other applicants at my school that the way the AMCAS did their grades for this cycle was everything 3.6+ became a 4.0, everything 3.5-3.0 became 3.0, everything 2.0-2.9 became 2.0. Does anybody else come from a school that grades like this and if so, how much did it affect your gpa? I asked this questions once already and it got moved, but my question was never answered. Also, is this how they will do it in the future since I'm only a sophomore now and I'm not sure if it will be done the same way come my application time.

Somebody please answer my question?!?!?!

Thank you so much in advance!:D

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More importantly, will your approach to future coursework be any different based on AMCAS' grading scheme? No. Just do your best in all of your classes and your GPA will end up whatever AMCAS decides to call it. No reason to worry about it since it is not something that you can change.
It's a mystery. I could never find an answer to how it's handled at my school where grades are: A=4, B+=3.3 or a 3.5 (handbook says 3.3 but it's a 3.5 on my transcript), B=3.0, B-=2.7, C+=2.3, C=2.0, etc. I guess I'll figure out how badly they screw me over when it's time to do primaries.
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why would they round like that? they convert your grades to a numeral gpa listed by year using A being 4.0, a- 3.7 b+ 3.3 etc. if i recall correctly. i don't see why they would do 3.6~4.0 as all 4.0 or anything of the sort...
I'm not sure why they do it, but that's just what I've heard from the older students at my school. It's not an extremely common grading scale but I know there's got to be more people out there that have a firsthand experience with this.
i'm not familiar with your school, but it seems like they were just yanking your chain. not only would that be unfair, it doesn't make any sense.