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Sep 11, 2005
Medical Student
I did EDP. Upon browsing the AMCAS for some silly reason (you know how SDN'ers are always worrying or messing around), in the "Schools" section, there were these options below that I could choose. I don't have to do anything now, right?


Restricted Program Release Options

[ ]Notified me that I have not been accepted under the Restricted Program.
[ ]Not notified me as to the status of my Early Decision application and the October 1st notification deadline has passed.
[ ]Released me from my Restricted Program Commitment.
[ ]AMCAS has notified me that I have missed a deadline associated with the Restricted Program.

[ ] I fully understand the provisions of the Restricted Program as outlined in the AMCAS instructions and that violation of the Restricted Program (which applies to both AMCAS and non-AMCAS medical schools) will result in an investigation.
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