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    Does doing dual enrollment in high school and starting pre-med as a junior affect my admission?

    I’m currently a sophomore in high school and I have the option to do dual enrollment which will let me start as a junior in undergrad when I graduate high school because I would have my associates. I’m worried that it will affect how med schools see me as I would be applying to Undergrad as a...
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    Ivy League Pre-Med vs Good Non-Ivy League School

    Hi SDN- I've shadowed a few different specialties throughout high school, and I'm fully convinced that orthopedic surgery is right for me as a specialty. I've read that these specialties are super competitive and require the right connections to get into. This makes me really worried if...
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    UVA vs UF premed

    Hello! I got into UF (UF Honors) and UVa for undergrad. I plan on majoring in biology, going on the pre-med track. UF is my state school, so it's almost free (about 3K tuition). UVa would cost me about 32K tuition. Putting cost aside, which school is better for premed in terms of course work...