Anatomy and Physiology.

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Feb 21, 2003
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Do most of the people take these two courses or plan to take? All schools' websites strongly suggest students to take these two courses. I am curious how many of you actually take these?

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I'm taking anatomy this semester.

Man its A LOT of memorization, but interesting.
ShawOne. Did/Do you take physiology as well?
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I have taken them both. YOU DO NEED TO TAKE them if you don?t want to fall back into the dental school. Anatomy is just memorization (bones, muscles?..) and it will be good if you learn a few before you start dental school. Physiology: O MY GOD ?.! I had the hardest teacher in the word! Her tests were 500 point each and they took 2h and 30min to take. She was teaching the class on the medical school level since most of us wanted to go into medical school. She said at the beginning of the class that it will be taught as if we are in a med school and if we don?t like it we can drop the class and retake it next year with someone else. By the 3rd week 50% of the students dropped. By the end we were only 6. I used to spend 3 days studying before a test. I got an A- and now I am so happy that I took her because I know that this class can?t be so hard once I get to take it at the dental school. So I strongly suggest you to take them both if you can but don?t do it in the same semester because it may get very hard?
It's not a prerequisite, but if you don't take it you will probably regret it. I'm in anatomy right now and everyone I've talked to says it's a plus. I have to take it anyways because it's a requirement for my major. I'll be taking physiology too, so hopefully these classes are a help in dental school.

I dont think I'll have enough time to take it. Next semester I plan on taking biochem instead.
Thanks for your reply.

ShawnOne. I also plan to take Biochem next semester and anatomy as well. May I ask you ALL the courses you are going to take/taking now are the ones you list on AADSAS application?
Should I call the schools for any change?
i am taking anatomy in spring 2004.

i think you guys would like Biochem a lot, but i hope you know that it will be a very though class. ochem will sound like a piece of cake to you after you take Biochem.

BTW, there are some schools that offer 2 biochem courses. at my school, they offered one for chem majors and one for all other majors (ie nutrition). the chem major one is very very though, where as the other one will be a piece of cake if you have taken most of the bio and chem courses.

one thing to remember is that both of these biochem courses are acceptable for dental schools.

In addition to all the required courses, I will take/have taken Anatomy, Biochemistry, and 2 courses in sculpture.

I didnt report the Anatomy in the AADSAS (or summer trig course), so i sent a letter updating them and few weeks ago.

BTW, I was a business major, so all these courses were taken after my BS.
Much thanks ShawnOne. I will discuss with the school (Indiana U) about the Physiology.
I have taken both advanced phys and anatomy courses. Both are valuable but I would not stress taking them. That is just me though. I can live with C's in dental school.
momowheels. Thank you. Also, I like your icon.:)
Originally posted by grettlin2
momowheels. Thank you. Also, I like your icon.:)

Hey thanks a lot,
During the last few days i have read some of your posts here, and it seems like a lot of you are stressed about taking this class and that class before going into dental school. True it would be beneficial if you did take those classes before you entered but I would hardly consider them mandatory unless you are seriously interested in specializing. Don't forget if you work hard enough, it won't matter what classes you took. ;)
Originally posted by grettlin2
Much thanks ShawnOne. I will discuss with the school (Indiana U) about the Physiology.

Just so you know, if you're thinking about enrolling at IUSD, you'd be <em>extremely</em> well served by taking as much physiology as you can get your hands on. I don't know if other schools are similar, but we have a year-long sequence called SABS (systems approach to biomedical sciences), which is basically a year-long trip through each system of the body. I had 15 hours of physiology in undergrad, and it's making for an EASY trip now that I'm here.
aphistis. Thanks for your command. I will visit IUSD next Wednesday and Miss Farris will discuss it with me under my limited time with anatomy and physiology yet to take.
I only apply the schools I am really interested and I would try to learn as more as possible in my interviews.
My major involves a lot of anatomy and physiology of the head and neck, so i've been lucky enough to be exposed to a lot of that. however, i would recommend looking that over in a textbook before you enter dental school-couldn't hurt you but only help.